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KC College

The college has started the Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.) Course from the academic year 2000-2001.

Course Co-ordinator: Ms. Manjula Srinivas


Ms. Nandini Sardesai

Ms. Geeta Sashidharan

Prof. Hanif Lakdawala

Prof. Zaeem Mirza

Prof. David D’ Souza

Ms. (Dr.) Varalakshmi

Mr. Floyd Gracius

Ms. Aditee Vaidya

BMM Festival: Blitzkrieg

Students of the BMM department of KC college organize the media festival called ‘Blitzkrieg’ every year. The festival is open to students of all BMM Colleges. The festival is judged by prominent personalities from the media and the film industry.



KC College, 124,

Dinshaw Wachha Road,

Churchgate, Mumbai – 400 020

Tel. : 91-22-22620661

PS. Hey ya! Did we goof up somewhere? Anything more exciting happening at your college? Feel free to add a comment below about…well just about anything at KC BMM!

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