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Posted on 23 December 2009 by BMMBoxer

Yehi hai right choice, baby

So you’ve just passed out of 12th or awaiting your results and have plenty of options in front of you. Apart from the popular career choices in medical and engineering, professional courses are finally being recognized by parents as well as students. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM), Bachelor in Banking and Insurance (BBI) and Bachelor in Finance and Accounts (BFA) are some of them.

What makes these niche courses a hit is that they break the popular myth of turning every individual into a doctor or an engineer. The courses expand the horizon for students and help them explore the world of banking, business and mass media.

While most of the students assume these courses to be an alternate for Bcom, but the fact remains these courses offer you much more than a usual course and prepare you for a path breaking career.

Thinking BMM?

It’s not rocket science; all you need to do is identify your interests or dislikes . For Instance: If you’re good at math and have an inclination towards accounts/finance, BBI or BFA would be a suitable option for you.

Since, we’re talking about BMM, here’s a checklist. We spill the beans on what it takes to be a BMMite.

Believe it or not, you know your a hardcore BMM student when..

1. You’re a PG in your own house.

2. You wake up 10 minutes before lecture. Look at the clock. And go back to sleep.

3. Running away from home (in the name of projects) doesn’t seem like a lie anymore!

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BMM, it is.

Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) is one of the few niche courses offered by University of Mumbai. It is a three year full time degree program which offers students a glance in the mass media industry. It was initiated in the year 2000-2001. Within three years, the course introduces students to 36 different subjects related to the media industry. A mix of theoretical concepts and implementation of them in placements and practical projects makes the course a hit among the youth.

In the third year, students need to specialize in either Advertising or Journalism. The choice made by individuals reflects his/her interests and preferences, which are highlighted during the first two years of the course.

The course is currently offered in more in more than 50 colleges in Mumbai. Click here to check out the various colleges that offer BMM.

Eligibility: Earlier BMM students were selected on the basis of entrance tests conducted by each college. But as of now the criteria remains the percentage scored in your HSC exam. That’s right, creativity is fortunately or unfortunately rated on how high your score is. However, you need to score a minimum of 50% in your board exam to be eligible for this course.

So if you intend to do BMM from one of the top colleges, you need to first compete with the nerd in your college along with hundreds of nerds in the city.

Since your reading ahead, we thought we’ll zero down the top 5 BMM colleges in Mumbai * for you:

1. Jai Hind College
2. KC College
3. Xavier’s College
4. RD National College
5. NM College

(* The list is a compiled on various criteria like College performance in terms of results, participation in festivals, popularity, faculty, etc..)

You can opt out of a particular college in the second/third year and get admission in any of the top colleges, considering you score amazingly well in the first year of BMM.

Hope this helps you clear all your confusion regarding BMM. If any doubts, suggestions or feedback, comment below and we would surely get back to you.


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