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How Important Is To Learn A Foreign Language?

Posted on 26 December 2014 by Diksha Gerella (Contributing Writer)

Whenever we set off for a trip with family or with colleagues for any business purpose we come across many difficulties and language of that city or country becomes the major barrier while travelling into different places. This should be given much more importance as language is the means of communication. This will help you in understanding the street signs and menus. The language of one country differs from the other country by learning different languages you will understand the features of that state or country and also you will understand what makes them stand in a different way from others.

It gives us knowledge which can help us to grow and stay in this competitive world. Also it helps us to make better relations with people for personal sake or for any trading objective. A new language opens up a new culture you start understanding different cultures their virtues and its meaning and your lives takes a new dimension. Languages form the way people perceive the world.

Languages bring a mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship as by learning their language we directly or indirectly become a part of that country of their customs and traditions since we understand it well through communicating in their own language.

The person who knows many languages is able to watch programs in various other languages. The individual is aware about the current happenings around the world by watching News in another language. So the person who knows more than one language has a better possibility of watching a variety of programs on television and thus gets more of entertainment too.

By learning a new language, you gain new scope, but at the same time you strengthen your own identity, individuality and also your self-confidence. A foreign language can add to a stronger persona. Language is a means of expression and allows a person to take part in social and various other activities.

Learning languages brings up more job opportunities to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and to express them with increasing confidence, independence and creativity. Students of foreign languages have access to a greater number of career possibilities. Learning other languages gives you enhanced methods of expressing ideas, concepts, or thoughts, this will shape your thought pattern, your behavior and you will explore same things in a different manner.

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