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BMM Semester 4 Reference Books

Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Second Year B.M.M. Semester IV

1. Mass Media Research:

Kothari; Research Methodology; Wiley Eastern Ltd.
Dixon, Bouma, Atkinson; A Handbook of Social Science Research; Oxford University Press
Reffe, Daniel; Lacy, Stephen and Fico, Fredrick; Analyzing Media Message(1998); Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Gunter, Barrie; Media Research Methods; (2000); Sage
Wimmer and Dominick; Mass Media Research
De Fleur; Milestones in Mass Communication Research

2. Organizational Behavior:

Tossi, Rizzo and Carrol; Handbook of organizational behavior; Infinity Books
Robbins, S.P; Organizational Behavior : concepts, controversies, applications’, (1999); Prentice Hall
Luthans, Fred; Organizational Behavior, 8th edition; Irwin McGraw Hill
Newstron and Davis; Organizational Behavior : Human behavior at work; 10th edition; ( 1997); Tata McGraw Hill
Fisher, Dalmer; Communication in the Organization; 2nd edition; (1999); Jaico Publishing

3. Understanding Cinema:

Note – The list of suggested reference has been provided only as a guideline for the faculty.

Ed. Bill Nichols; Movies and Method; 2 Volumes; University of California, Press 1976
Gaston Roberge; Chitra Bani: A Book on Film appreciation
Cherry Potter, Secker and Warburg; Image, Sound and Story – The art of telling in Film; 1990
Gaston Roberge; The Ways of Film Studies; Ajanta Publications; 1992
Gerald Mart; A short history of the Movies; The University of Chicago Press 1981
Erik Barnouw and S. Krishnaswamy; Indian Film; Oxford University, Press, 1980
Torben Grodal; Moving Pictures; Oxford University Press, 1997

4. Radio and Television:

Wurtzel; Television Production
Zettle; Television Production Handbook; 7th edition.
Zachariah, Aruna; Communication Media and Electronic Revolution; (1996); Kanishka
Bhatt, S.C; Satellite Invasion of India; (1994); Gyan Publishing House
Ed. Goonasekera and Lee, S.N; Television without borders; (1998); Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Roland, W.D; Watkins; Interpreting Television; (1984); Sage
Burton, Graeme; Talking Television; (2000); Arnold
Michael Talbot-Smith, Audio explained, -Focal press 2000
Alec Nisbett, The techniques of the sound studio-Focal press 1987
Julian Nathan, Back to basics audio-Butterworth-Heinemann l998

5. Print Production and Photography:

Mitchell Beazley – The Art of Colour Photography – Octopus Publishing Group Ltd.
John Hedgecoe- John Hedgecoe’s Creative Photography-Collins and Brown
M. Beazely-John hedgecoe’s Workbook of Darkroom Techniques-Red International Books Ltd.
Steve Bavister -Digital Photography-Collin’s and Brown Ltd, 2000
John Hedgecoe- John Hedgecoe’s Basic Photography -Collin’s and Brown Ltd, 2000

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