SIES Nerul’s Frames Film Festival 2010 Winners…

Posted on 25 January 2010 by BMMBoxer

And the winners are….

Short films BMM Category :-

1st- Wilson college (Gudiya) – Ranjit Nair and Arnold Fernandes.
2nd- Swami Vivekanand College (Bomb of Alert) – Pritesh Aggarwal.
3rd- MD College ( Silent Sream) – Hitesh Shettigar and Sanket B.

Documentaries BMM Category :-

1st- WIlson College (Pornology) – Anthony Karbhari, Harendra Kapur and Jaydeep Maswekar.
2nd- Wilson College (Bidi Industry) – Dhwani Bafna, Isha Soni, Shilpa Johnson and Maithili Desai.

Non-BMM Short films :-

1st- Independant film maker (Home for a Head) – Soumil Shetty and Shantanu Tilwankar.
2nd- Yuva Foundation (Smoke never dies) – Mikhil and Independant filmaker (Vidhi) – Thanush Raj.
3rd- London Film School (Shoonyata) – Santosh Kapse.

Commercial Ads BMM Category :-

1st- SIES College Sion (Moserbaer) – Janardhan Iyer and Aarti Naidu.
2nd- Ruia College (Spectra Eyewear) – Monica Panchal

PSA BMM Category :-

1st- Wilson College (Protection of heritage structures) – Arnold Fernandes, Samson Vasave and Vallari Shah.
2nd- Ruia College (Old age home ) – Kartik Shrivastava.
3rd- Tilak College (Global Warming) – Sofwan and Farooq.

Music videos BMM Category :-

1st- Swami Vivekanand College (Cant Stop) – Tejas.
2nd- Swami Vivekanad College (College video 1) – Ankita Bhardwaj
3rd- Swami Vivekanand College (Limca VIdeo) – Ligil Chandrashekhar.
4th- Swami Vivekanand College (R video) – Ritu Bajaj.


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