Ayushi Rohira

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My Name Is Ayushi Rohira

BMM From? Jai Hind College

Specialization Advertising

Year Completed BMM 2009

Other Educational Qualifications (PG/UG/Etc) Preparing to enrol for MBA

Status Single


Professional Experience 2

You Currently Work At BIG Cinemas – Marketing – Executive

Your daily routine My job entitles me to watch movies. Lots and lots of movies. So typically I watch 2-4 movies in a week.. And I’m certainly not complaining!
On a more serious note, work revolves around making BIG Cinemas an enriching experience for all our customers, with the help of the digital and print media on a day-to-day basis.

Organization(s) You Worked At Before

Trainee at Encompass Events,

Trainee at Contiloe Films,

Trainee at Sugar Mediaz.

Key Projects/Campaigns You’ve Been Part Of

Launch campaigns of various BIG Cinemas in 2009-10.

Movie-based promotions

Media planning and buying for 100 odd cinemas, pan India.
Digital and online promotions for BIG Cinemas

Most challenging project/campaign you’ve been part of? What made it challenging?

A 360 degree campaign for the launch of Sangam BIG Cinemas, which included using all sorts of marketing tools to reach out to the audience…

How did you start your career? What was your first step after completing BMM?

When I graduated, recession had already set in. Forget placements, lay-offs were the more “in” thing.
For many months an unending struggle followed, after which I can say I struck gold. Thankfully, with my list of internships and an impressive academic record I landed the job of a Trainee at BIG Cinemas.

Were you clear about which field you wanted to get into right from the beginning? What helped you take your leaps?

When I initially joined BMM, I knew I had to become a journalist. Half way through, I decided to go back to Arts and be a Psychologist. Then, the mad ad world beckoned..so I decided Copywriting would be THE THING. However, fate had something else in store…and here I am…enjoying Marketing, with every new experience and learning to take home.

Any particular incident that helped you discover your career option?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say it was the recession!! It was more of a calamity, more than an incident. But again, it’s nice to keep trying new stuff that interests you…I’ve tried everything from events to RJing, to Film and TV Production and now to market India’s largest cinema chain.


Does being a BMMite give you an edge over others? Yes/No – Please elaborate

BMM students come with a basic knowledge of the media industry. That apart, it’s really subjective. It can only get you an interview. How you decide to use your talents, depends solely on you…

Do the subjects in BMM help you know the reality of the job? Is there any place for theory in the industry you’re in?

Theory and practical knowledge go hand-in-hand. I suggest not just learning through books. Get into summer internships, even if its just to know your likes and dislikes. Besides, it looks good on your resume!

BMM or BMM from a particular college? Does it make a difference?

There are so many colleges offering BMM these days. As far as the course and staff is concerned, most of the profs tour all the colleges. But surely, a reputed college makes the opposite person sit up and notice.

Did you complete any internship(s) – where, when, how was the experience?

As I mentioned earlier, I interned with three totally different companies: events, voicing and TV & film production. It gave me a chance to learn how the industry works, and what I really like doing.

Internships during BMM – are they relevant in the long run?

In the long run, a work experience of a few years would score over a month long internship. But you’d probably know what each media house is about, if you’ve tried working at different kinds of agencies. It’ll help you decide what you want in the future.

Work Ex or Higher Studies? What’s your pick? Why?

Most corporate houses suffer from the Glass Ceiling Syndrome. You may have X years of work ex, but it’s the MBA tag that will get you to become the CEO. On the other hand, ad agencies or event companies value experience to a great extent as well…


BMM is the most fulfilling experience, where you can explore your wackiest side.

Your biggest achievement till date Ranking 1st overall in BMM ’09 – All Mumbai.

You regret Not having a couple of years more..to enjoy BMM. I truly miss the before-presentation catfights!

Your favorite subject in BMM Lots of ’em: PR, Intro to Advertising, Literature…

Your hangout adda during BMM Jai Hind College & Mocha.

Define your job in one sentence An extension of BMM which adds to your bank balance, instead of taking from it!

Your favorite professor at college Again, many of ’em: Prof. Varalakshmi, Prof.Omkar Patki, Prof.Vidyanand Joshi..

Your biggest goof up at work Ooops!I don’t want to lose my job. Not YET.


The journey so far…and where I see myself going I know I’m happy with what I’m doing. I’d like to study a li’l more (just to be tagged along with the MBAs of the world) and surely start up something of my own, soon.

My Success Mantra Love what you do. And what you don’t love, at least try a 100 times before you give up.

5 Tips for BMMites

1.       Enjoy it while it lasts, the crazy deadlines, fights, sleepy presentations …

2.       Respect the profs, ask questions and stay in their good books. Always.

3.        If you’re confused with what you’re going to end up doing after BMM, don’t be.

Your job doesn’t necessarily depend on the subject you’ve graduated in.

4.        Bunk lectures. But in moderation.

5.       DO NOT listen to everything that everyone advises. Even me. Follow what works best for you…

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