Ten things you’re DEFINITELY going to miss about BMM!

Posted on 27 June 2010 by BMMBoxer

Here is a list of the top 10 things about BMM that you won’t value while you’re in it, but will miss like hell once you’re out of BMM…

The Hard Life!

By the end of the 3 years you are going to get so used to the hard life one month prior to the project submission deadline and exams that you will actually start missing all the running around and sleepless nights.


During the course of the 3-years you must have used Photoshop so much trying to make that perfect cover page that you’ll only end up photoshopping your own facebook pictures after BMM.

The Politics!

You think only small time celebs on TV indulge in politics? In BMM you will also find yourself doing the same. You will trade friendships for marks, talk behind backs to gain new friends (read: a better group) etc. No matter how negative this is, you will still miss it.

ECS Class!

This is one of the best things about the BMM curriculum. You have ECS twice! Just sit back and relax in this class. Meditate if you wish, nothing can harm you here- neither written nor the project. You sure will miss this.

Waking up Late!

The BMM lectures are the most convenient. They let you sleep right till 9:30 am most of the times since most colleges keep lectures at 11 or so. When you work, you definitely have to report by 10:00 am. So that ruins all the happiness you were used to for the last 3 years.

The Amazing Teachers!

The teachers in BMM seem humble but are superheroes in reality. They are awesome in their respective professions and you should feel thankful for having such professionals teach you especially in a graduation course. You won’t value them of course during the course, but will miss their creative classes later on.

Throwing Attitude!

Let’s face it! The BMM course is considered to be an elite course. In most colleges, the BMM section prefers staying away from the rest of the college. You move around the college like you own it. And other students hate you for it. In the real world you won’t get the privilege to act this snobbish, so make the most while you’re in it but don’t get used to all the attention.

Chain Mails!

For as long as you last in BMM your whole life is dependent on the chain e-mails doing the rounds. You get to know of the lecture schedule, exam timetable, notes, key to the answers in the question bank and class gossip through these chain mails. Your inbox will start to look empty and boring once you pass out and there won’t be much reason for you to check your mail.

The Unity!

Even there are ten different groups in class; to the other colleges your class will stand united. That is a good thing. Even the unity is fake; it’s pretty amusing that to the world you all seem like the best of friends. This really helps during fests. I doubt you’ll experience this elsewhere in life.

The Projects!

The projects in BMM are the most stimulating and encouraging ones. You can get as unrealistic you want, which doesn’t really work in the professional life after that. There is a very healthy competition, people learn from each other and your creativity is at its best here! You won’t find such stimulating projects in any other graduating course.

Shvveta Walia

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