Kareena endorses ‘size-zero’ laptops from Sony

Posted on 06 November 2009 by BMMBoxer

She invented the ‘size-zero’ concept and set one of the hottest trends in India. Now, she is ready to endorse Sony’s newly launched half-inch thin notebook VAIO X. On her association the actress mentioned that the brand goes well with her looks – ‘thin and lightweight’, and personifies her personality in a way.

She also added, “The whole size zero thing in India has more to do with people being slim and lightweight. And I am slim and lightweight. And so is this laptop. I think this new laptop is very chic and sexy and people also often associate me with these qualities.”

As the Brand Ambassador Kareena will be part of a campaign which would include TV commercials and print advertising.

The company officials also mentioned that Kareena is a perfect choice considering her fan following, and her sleek and high end preferences for her lifestyle.

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