Aamer Mansoor Trambu

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My Name Is Aamer Mansoor Trambu

My Date of Birth is 10/9/1987

BMM From? Jai Hind College

Specialization Journalism

Year Completed BMM 2008

Other Educational Qualifications (PG/UG/Etc) PG Diploma in Mass Communication (Guru Jambeshwar University)

Status Married


Professional Experience 3 years

You Currently Work At Saudi Gazette – Freelance Journalist

Your daily routine Look for an interesting news story, go out and report on it. Interview people related to the event. Take awesome pictures. File story. Go Home

Organization(s) You Worked At Before

1. Press TV Iran – International Reporting – India Correspondent.

2. RUTV Toronto – News – Camera Operator / Reporter

3. CKLN FM Toronto – Live Radio Talk – Talk show host

Key Projects/Campaigns You’ve Been Part Of

Was chosen for an international exchange program to Toronto (OMG)
Studied for 2 semesters on TV and Radio Journalism at Canada’s finest Journalism School. Received a Ryerson Journalism Award for a documentary my team did on Autism and how Canadian legislation leaves parents in the lurch.

In October 2009 returned to India and was hired by Press TV Iran to be their international correspondent for the India region.
At 21, I was one of the youngest international correspondents working for a global news agency.
During my 1 year with Press TV I reported from Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Rural Maharashtra and Tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh.

My Press TV documentary on the alarming rate of illiteracy among Muslims in India has been nominated as a finalist for an international film festival – Culture Unplugged.

Most challenging project/campaign you’ve been part of? What made it challenging?

Doing a photo-documentary on fire-fighters of the Mumbai Fire Brigade (Byculla). Spent 3 days at the fire station documenting the lives of these persons and how they approached their day-to-day work.

How did you start your career? What was your first step after completing BMM?

I started my career in my 2nd year BMM. I had an internship with WATmedia. Before I completed BMM I had 6 internships totalling 20 months of work-experience
Details on linkedin.com/in/aamertrambu

Were you clear about which field you wanted to get into right from the beginning? What helped you take your leaps?

Very unclear. Wanted to be an engineer. Parents were unsupportive of BMM.

Any particular incident that helped you discover your career option?

A visit to the NDTV studio in my Grade 12 (2005) for “We the People” talk show.


Does being a BMMite give you an edge over others? Yes/No – Please elaborate


On-the-job experience
Practical course
Presentation skills
team work and collaboration.

Do the subjects in BMM help you know the reality of the job? Is there any place for theory in the industry you’re in?


BMM or BMM from a particular college? Does it make a difference?

Yes, Do BMM from top 5/10 colleges else don’t do it.

Did you complete any internship(s) – where, when, how was the experience?

I worked with TOI after 11th and during my BMM 2nd year I interned with a PR agency. Both were excellent learning experiences.

Internships during BMM – are they relevant in the long run?

Internship is key to a successful and complete BMM experience

Work Ex or Higher Studies? What’s your pick? Why?

Work Ex then Higher studies.


BMM is in its infancy. Too much in too little time.

Your biggest achievement till date My 5 minute documentary being selected for an international film festival – http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/4832 . Winning the Mumbai University Public speaker award.

You regret Nothing.

Your favourite subject in BMM Your hangout adda during BMM Understanding Cinema

Your hangout adda during BMM Library

Define your job in one sentence Hmmm

Your favourite professor at college Samkit Shah

Your biggest goof up at work Incorrect usage of quotation marks “..”


The journey so far…and where I see myself going Awesome. Media Ownership

My Success Mantra You can, because you know you can.

5 Tips for BMMites

1.      Read

2.      Stop Talking

3.      Be a better listener

You can reach me http://linkedin.com/in/aamertrambu

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