TYBMM Journalism Semester 5 Reference Books

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Third Year BMM Journalism Semester V

1. Reporting:

Mencher, Melvin; News Reporting and Writing; (1997); 7th edition; Columbia University
Shrivastava, K.M; News Reporting and Editing; (1987); Sterling Publication
Harris and Spark; Practical Newspaper Reporting; 2nd edition; (1993); Focal Press
Randall, David; The Universal Journalist; 2nd edition; (2000); Pluto Press
Paulos; A Mathematician reads the newspapers
Ed. Burgh, Hugode; Investigative Journalism; (2000); Routledge
Spark, David; Investigative Reporting; (1999); Focal Press
Scanlon, Paul; Reporting rolling stone style
Jensen, Carl; The News that didn‘t make the news and why
Woodward, Bob; The Watergate Story

2 . Editing:

Banerji, Sourin; New Editing in Theory and Practice; (1992)
Felsch; The Art of Readable Writing
Evans, Harold; Editing and Design; Heinemann
Moen, D.R; Newspaper Layout and Design; (1984); State University Press
Bowles and Borden; Creative Editing; 3rd edition; Wadsworth
Quinn, Stephen; Digital Subediting and Design;

3. Feature and Opinion:

Blundell, Wrilliam; The Art and craft of feature writing; (1988); Penguin
Growers, Ernest; The Complete Plain Words; (1962); Pelican
Strunk and White; Elements of Style;
Graves and Hodge; The Reader over your shoulder
Clayton, Joan; Interviewing for Journalists; (1994); Piatkus
Ed. Silvester, Christopher; The Penguin Book of Columnists; (1997); Penguin
Srinivasan. R; Crusaders of the 4th Estate; (1989); Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

4. Journalism and Public Opinion:

Chomsky and Herman; Manufacturing Consent
Parenti, Michael; Inventing Reality
Chomsky; Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda
Graber, Doris; Media Power in Politics, second edition; (1990); University of Illinois Press
Bennett, Lance; Politics of Illusion; 2nd edition; (1988); Longman
Arya, Sunanda; Mass Media and Public Opinion in India, (1989); Printwell Publications
Barnett and Gaber; Westminster Tales, (2001); Continuum
Men, Messages and Media; (1973); Harper and Row
Lemert, James. B; Does Mass Communication change public opinion after all?; (1981); Nelson-Hall
Altschull, J; Agents of Power; (1984); Longman
Ed. Denton, Robert; The media and the Persian Gulf War; (1993); Praeger
Fowler, Roger; Language in the News; (1991); Routledge

5. Indian Regional Journalism:

Gopal, Madan; Freedom Movement and the Press – the role of Hindi newspapers; (1990); Criterion Pub.
Jeffrey, Robin; India’s Newspaper Revolution; (2000); Oxford University Press

6. Niche and Magazine Journalism – I

Davis, Anthony; Magazine Journalism Today; (1988); Heinemann
Baird, Click; Magazine Editing and Production; 4th edition Mogel; The Magazine
Anderson, Douglas; Contemporary Sports Reporting; (1985); Nelson-Hall
Melkote, Srinivas; Communication for development in the third world; (1991); Sage
Ed. Glasser, Theodore; The idea of Public Journalism; (1999); Guilford Press

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