Why Are Projects So Important?

Posted on 09 June 2012 by Natasha Tulyani

Projects are an integral part of the BMM course. As per university rules, 50% of the marks are assigned to projects and the remaining are assigned to written exams. Therefore, it would be right to say that projects are extremely important if you want to score well. But then again, projects serve a more vital purpose than that. They help in the overall development of your cognitive skills and the umpteen presentations help in improving your public speaking skills. I can vouch for the latter. An introvert and a shy speaker, I am now able to speak eloquently and with confidence thanks to the many project presentations I have given. I am sure that these skills will help greatly during interviews and networking exercises with colleagues.

The fact that you are supposed to make all or most of your projects with the help of technology will also help you get acquainted with the same. One is required to constantly use softwares like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop (photo-editing), Corel Draw (design), Pinnacle (video-editing) etc. The thorough knowledge of these is definitely going to prove beneficial should you choose to study further. Also, using multiple softwares results in many students discovering a talent they didn’t know they had! Maybe, something similar could happen to you.

Another major advantage of working on projects is that you learn how to work in a team. You will deal with all kinds of people, with various talents and temperaments when you are working on a group project. You won’t always work with friends, and sometimes you will end up working with people you don’t particularly like. Therefore, a group project will not only test your patience but will also help bring out the leader in you. Managing people, delegating work, meeting deadlines and keeping the group vibe cordial is essential to producing good, quality work.

The development of inter-personal skills is going to come in handy when you start work. Think of working in groups as a step towards working in bigger (and more complicated) teams at work. If you learn the basics of good team behaviour now, you will never falter when in working in any team, with any number or ‘type’ of people in your workplace.

It is for the reasons mentioned above that working sincerely on projects is thoroughly important. Do not outsource your projects and certainly don’t follow the cut-copy-paste method. The hard work will definitely pay off, be rest assured.

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