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KC BMM presents ‘Slubberdigulligan’

Posted on 29 June 2012 by BMMBoxer

After months of planning, KCBMM’S first ever bulletin – ‘Slubberdigulligan’ is here.
Do I see raised eyebrows on reading that word?
In that case, yes, you heard us right.
It’s not a newspaper or a magazine, but it is in fact a BULLETIN!

The first thing one is taught when they join BMM is to think ‘out of the box’ and we, the students of KCBMM seem to live by that. Hence, the name.
To start with, the word ‘Slubberdigulligan’ (pronounced: sluh-buh-di-guh-lee-gun) means absolutely nothing according to the dictionaries. But ask us, what it means and pat comes the reply ‘Making sense out of Nonsense’.

”Sometimes, even the wackiest ideas turn out to be better than the well thought ones, and we certainly hope this is the case with our bulletin,” Release head Krittika Nangalia says animatedly.
An effort by the SY students of KCBMM, Slubberdigulligan came to life with the sole intention of being not only a fun guide for the students but also having an informative side to it. From providing information on upcoming projects, telling you indispensable jokes, introducing you to the world of funny comic strips, and sharing photo albums, movie reviews and even gossip, this bulletin promises it all.
The Editorial Board is divided into 9 committees that include Creatives, Photography, PR, Release, Feedback, Design, Collection of Articles, Marketing and Language & Content. And, last but not the least, we have the Editor whose job is to make sure that every committee cooperates with each other and that the bulletin is all but a huge success.

So, why a Bulletin you ask? ”We wanted the BMM students to have their own identity and have something that would exclusively cater to them,” says Deep Chhabria, the Editor and Chief Creator + Ideator of Slubberdigulligan. Natalie Bansal, Creatives Head has a different take on this. According to her, ”What’s a BMM course that does not have its own mouthpiece?? And, that’s where this bulletin comes in the picture.”

Remember that cool person who has access to all the latest gossip in college and who is also the one you’ve always wanted to befriend? ‘Slubberdigulligan’ seeks to be THAT friend.

This bulletin is YOUR solution to finding out about what is happening not only in college but also around town! So, grab your copy soon!
Coming at colleges near you on the 30th of June, 2012.

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