Google most discussed tech brand in India

Posted on 26 October 2009 by BMMBoxer

According to a recent survey based on Digital Brand Index, Google topped the list of most discussed technology brands in India. The study was compiled by Edelman in collaboration with Brandtology. Google accounted for 20%, followed by Microsoft and Yahoo!

Edelman officials explained the credentials and that the DBI monitored 74,452 online conversations relating to 96 large technology brands, contained within 423 communication channels, between July and September, which saw one brand being mentioned every two minutes on an average.

Kelly Choo, Brandtology co-founder and business development director, further added, “The DBI shows which brand names are more active than others, but the real opportunity for brand owners is to identify and engage influential channels and voices through compelling social media content.”

The survey also declared Twitter as the most “buzziest” communication channel witnessing 60% of conversations online.

Top 10 “most discussed technology brands” in India
1. Google
2. Microsoft
3. Yahoo!
4. Intel
5. Sony
6. Dell
7. Samsung India Electronics
8. Nokia
9. LG
10. Blackberry

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