Film Making

Posted on 30 January 2015 by Anandi Darpel

Lights, Camera, Action! Heard these terms before? These are for aspiring filmmakers.

Considered as an art, producers and directors have well defined what film making is.  Lot of technical aspects are involved. It’s a tiring task to make a film. Certain guidelines on film making may definitely result in good films and movies. Students just entered the media industry or freshers may find this useful. Film making being a part of media, its study becomes essential. This area has a lot of scope and demand. The tricks would be as such:

  1. Knowledge on camera handling is a basic and must. It’s a process and therefore obstacles if exist can be worked and should be worked out or else the entire efforts would be a waste. Lot of aspects like story, script, sound, music being involved are a must.
  2. Not an easy task needs visualization and imagination. Good Stories and script making cant be made just like that.  If the moviemaker is a movie lover and has seen many movies in the past his imagination can be better.
  3. Camera angles and direction which is commonly known can be the most common but crucial aspect in film making. For the entire consequence to happen needs patience and technical aspects as in working with softwares and all is time consuming.
  4. It’s not in everybody’s ability and requires acting skills and other. Acting also needs to be decent depending on the character and nature of character. Very apt and interesting characters can be portrayed in a movie. Characters can be dull, aggressive, and enjoyable too. Just needs some thinking for the right kind of characters.
  5. Recent movies like Delhi Belly and many other such movies have proved that filmmaking needs experimentation. Coming up with newer ideas every now and then can be a better aspect to cinema and cinema can be connected to some extent to filmmaking.
  6. There are many such that are to be kept in mind while making a film. Audience research conducted at the beginning might help.
  7. Target audience should also be kept in mind while making films for the right kind of audience. This helps in making the film a success and has positive consequencies.
  8. Locations can also be the turning point in the movie. Beautiful locations exist and using them for short films is not a bad idea.
  9. Some students now are going for a career in film making and various institutes now offermany courses like FTII, Pue ne and NYSA too. Getting one particular more intricate shot riht with the simultaneity of action in one space and time, with no comprise is a super high.
  10. Film making encompasses so many art forms, be it literature, poetry, music, writing, acting, design, space, costumes and so many other aspects that you will actually learn a lot about yourself and in turn grow more rapidly than others.

It’s an enriching process it enriches your life. Future of film making will be a lot more global. There are already some glimpses seen of brilliance with movies like 3 Idiots. The newer guys in the film making industry are developing and are giving off small sparks. Our films are going to get noticed by the world. If filmmakers get together and make films that they believe in, money will follow. From the belief t o have fun, more ideas may arrive and improve the present scenario of film making.

Process of film making should be enjoyed. Film makers should not depend on Box office success and critical acclaim while they should have a personal growth. Having an experience in video making would prove to be better for any film maker.

It can also be called as a team effort and just 1 man contributing it would not work. Its also a collective effort and the vision of all members in the team has to be included or else it wont turn out to be a success and would not be that good. Co-ordination from every member of the team is very much essential or else thumbs down.

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