Entertainment Redefined: MTV Study

Posted on 07 January 2010 by BMMBoxer

Entertainment today is not restricted to television; at least this is what the young generation thinks. MTV Insight Studio (the research arm of MTV India) conducted a study named ‘Recreation Redefined’, where it surveyed 3000 youngsters (15-24 yr olds, SEC A & B) in 16 Indian cities. The study revealed facts regarding the redefined entertainment by the youth.

Aditya Swamy, senior vice president, sales and marketing, MTV India says, “The speed and comfort with which young people are adopting and adapting, makes this a very exciting time for youth marketers. We at MTV enjoy the sheer challenge of trying to stay ahead of this formula 1 generation. Our approach with this study has been to understand what entertainment means to young people by immersing ourselves in their world, talking their language and understanding their symbols and I hope this serves a useful tool to all of us who are looking to get a greater return on our marketing investments.”

He further added, “One is that recreation has transformed from being a single activity, to that involving many activities. People want to play and play equally, whether it comes to experimentation, enjoyment, work, relationships,” he says. “Secondly, the adoption is trends is much faster in small towns. Youngsters in such towns are more experimentative with the choices for recreation as well. Thirdly, categories such as telecom are seen as more fun because there is so much you can do with the cell phone – chat, download, call, play games and more.”

The study also revealed that youngsters prefer role models like Dhoni over Rahul Dravid. The reason being the attitudes they exhibit under pressure. For Instance, Dravid looks soaked up but Dhoni appears to be having fun and under control.

Facts revealed from the study:

25,800 minutes are spent by young India on entertainment every month, that’s 60% of their time.

Chatting, and not social networking is the most popular entertainment activity on the internet with 82% people on chat versus 40% who are into social networking.

Youth in small and emerging towns are more avid gamers as compared to those in bigger cities.

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