Drugs & Teens: A Match That’ll End in Hell

Posted on 12 September 2012 by Meher Manda (Contributing Writer)

Long ago, when you were young, a drug referred to the tablet your mother gave you when you would catch a cold. And with innocence, sweeps out the need to be prudent. All of a sudden, thrust into the big bad world of college, stress, adulthood and a prospective career, the need to look out for companions and the need to fit in is much higher.

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And are drugs an offshoot of this need? That, I believe, is debatable.

The recent news piece commenting on cops busting drug users outside popular SoBo colleges, did not surprise me, let alone shock. This could be attributed to the lack of ignorance amongst college-goers regarding the increase of drug assumption among the youth. But while we argue about the right and wrong of it all, it is equally important to understand as to why this is slowly becoming such a recurring phenomenon.

With cops resorting to dressing as collegians in order to track down on college going drug users, the entire incident has stemmed up an alarming fact. That perhaps druggies are not as inhibited as one would expect them to be.  While the common notion was that people who consumed drugs did so in the safe confinements of their homes, or places that would not attract much attention, this flamboyant sense of usage, especially amongst undergraduates is a reason to worry.

While it is a common notion to blame urban modernisation to this, the reasons run a lot deeper. Apart from the fact that many teenagers are dealing with stress related symptoms and continuing forms of neglect, one may also look at the allure of the rock and roll fueled drug usage. Also, with an increased need to judge and ostracize, there is a common understanding to resort to antics as such, however unfavourable, to fit in, and be a part of a group.

Also, the taboo subject that drugs consumption is amidst the patriarchal set-up is one such another problem. You see, as we near adulthood, our parents will forever tell us to not smoke and to not consume drugs, because they term it to be bad. And the societal structure is such that they feel if we were to ever be caught doing anything remotely taboo, it would bring shame upon the family.

The way we are approaching the problem of drug consumption is entirely wrong. It is important for the vulnerable, in this case, teenagers, to understand what the consequent effect of their decision is. Even stories of glamorous drug consumers like Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presly and Amy Winehouse, amongst others, have been victims of drug overdose. It is important to create an awareness regarding the perils of drug usage. One must understand that in India, drugs are readily available at optimum rates. And it is important for us to move beyond the horizon of college students and realise that children as young as 10 years old, living in dingy slums, are vulnerable to organic drugs, like hash.

Busting private parties, while may be the need of the hour in order to regulate circulation of illegal drugs, is no way to educate youngsters justifying the illegality of such substances. And perhaps, just perhaps hope that the stark truth behind the disguise for a few moments of bliss dissuades someone to use it.

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