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An Expedition To Mandvi by Karan Soni

Posted on 08 January 2012 by BMMBoxer

I was on a hunting expedition in Mandvi north forest range in Surat district.

It was a dark and stormy night when I ventured into the forest. The Weather Service had warned of a major storm moving in. I planned to return to my camp hopefully before the storm hits. The night was not usual. It was a different kind of darkness I entered, not just the simple darkness of night. A darkness that spoke of mystery.
I was tired, hungry and exhausted. I scanned and found a decent spot in the midst of the woods to rest. As I rested, the first bursts of lightning flashed far to the south and I sensed a close presence. It was an ephemeral presence, nothing solid. But before I could turn, a lightning bolt struck close by, its brilliance filling my presence with dazzling glitter. For now I was blinded. As darkness returned a slight pressure against my right told of another being next to me, a female body, soft and warm. A moment later she was molded tightly against me as if she wanted to have every pore of her skin in contact with me.

Out of the darkness a small fair hand appeared in front of my face. A forefinger touched my lips as lightly as a feather. Do not talk the finger demanded, be still and wait. Her soft hair brushed my neck like a lover’s caress. It smelled of fresh air and sunshine, of trees and of flowers. The scent of her body bathed me in a cloud of sensuous feelings. I was mesmerized and stood still with her warm body molded to mine. The flimsy dress she wore let me feel every one of her heart beats. The feeling was beyond the ordinary range of perception. There was a quick sinuous movement and my head was held tight between her hands.

One second later another lightning bolt struck and I found myself alone in the midst of the woods. Only her fragrance remained. I shook myself trying to wake up. Did I just hallucinate? Was there really a live, warm body cuddled in my arms just a moment ago?

Yes there was. The lingering sweet burning sensation on my skin told me so.

– Karan Soni

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