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Alumni Interview: Akshada Bhalerao

Posted on 24 August 2012 by BMMBoxer


My Name is: Akshada Bhalerao

Age: 23

BMM College: R. D. National College

BMM Specialisation: Journalism

Currently Working at: Disney Media Distribution and Syndication for The Walt Disney Company India (Which now includes the UTV group as well)

Akshada’s Take

Does being a BMMite give you an edge over others?

It does give you an edge because you’re exposed to most of the spheres of media and you begin to understand them. Working on many presentations gives you analytical powers and in tricky situations you do get last minute jugaad ideas as well.

Do the subjects in BMM help you know the reality of the job? Is there any place for theory in the creative world?

Well, it depends on what line of work you’re in. Theory is not emphasized as much in any line of work. It just helps you understand the very basics. Other stuff, you learn on the job.

BMM or BMM from a particular college? Does it make a difference?

Well, not college per say. But yes, exposure does matter. It’s very important to have good teachers, visiting faculty from the field, good projects and other activities.

Internships during colleges – are they relevant in the long run?

Internships are relevant, I feel. You know what you’re getting into later.

Career Queries

Work Ex or Higher Studies? What’s your pick? Why?

I’d suggest, start with work. It helps you sort many things in your head. A PG later doesn’t hurt.

How did you start your career?

I was confused after BMM. I had taken up Journalism only because I liked to write. But my strong liking has always been towards TV. Even in my internships, even though they had been with news channels, I was handling the production aspect for them. So I worked in production for reality shows.

Were you clear about which field you wanted to get into right from the beginning?

Like I said, I wasn’t clear if I wanted to be in hardcore journalism. Internships helped get a clear perspective.

Any particular incident that helped you decide on your career option?

Nothing in particular.

Tips for BMMBoxers

BMM is… A very good course if you want to be in Media

Your favourite subject in BMM: Literature

5 Tips for BMMites:

  • Stick to Deadlines
  • Respect time, yours and others
  • Take interest and try to explore things on your own
  • Stay updated about the industry you are interested in
  • Don’t take it too hard if your boss shouts at you!

Contact Me

Students can post queries in the comment section. I will respond as soon as I can.

Interview by Prasiddhi Munoth

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