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Let Me Let Go Of You!

Posted on 15 May 2010 by BMMBoxer

You chained my heart and kept hurting me…
I loved you to distraction, yet I begged you to set me free.
The strange feeling kept eluding me…
If you really marred me so badly, why do I still pine for thee?

Your silence scars my heart…
Your words tear me apart.
Yet when I don’t find you near,
It’s tough to hold back my tear.

The world of love, we were once in,
Has somewhere lost, in between.
What a waste it is, in attempting to get it back…
Where did it go wrong?
I’ve lost the track.

The bright mornings that bloomed because of you,
Are now the gloomy dawns that I fear to get through!
‘Love can make you or mar you!’, they had said.
But the bruises you gave me, nobody can ever guess.

Still now as the first rays of sun enters through the window pane,
I pray the day brings you only gain.
I don’t know whether or not, the past will come back again…
All I ask of you is free me of this ever-growing pain!

Arundhati Chatterjee

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