SIES (Nerul’s) Media Rush 2010

Posted on 13 January 2010 by BMMBoxer

Event: National Symposium ‘Media Rush’ 2010
Host: SIES College of Arts, Science and Commerce, (Nerul)
When: January 30, 2010
Where: SIES College Auditorium (Nerul)

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Media Rush 2010

Everyone knows what Shashi Tharoor’s tweets have to say. Every news paper reports on what Chetan Bhagat writes on his blog. Every feature that people could do on Farmville and Facebook has been done. And all of this is pointing towards only one thing, there is a central uniting factor changing things. You can call it joblessness, we call it the internet. And the internet has given rise to new forms of communication, which has lead to the coinage of the term ‘New Media’. And if you want to know about new media and how it is affecting communication as well as journalism, then you should definitely attend ‘Media Rush’ a state level symposium organized by the The Department of Mass Media of SIES(Nerul) College of Arts, Commerce and Science.

Media Rush 2010 is about the emerging trends of new media and how they will and have affected the general way in which news is seen and interpreted. The conference will also be concentrating on the feasibility of online activism, the advent of global culture through internet journalism, can new media bridge the urban-rural divide or will it only highlight it and other key issues.

Along with panel discussions and a general exchange of ideas, people will also get lunch and a nice air conditioned auditorium to sit in.

TOPIC: Emerging Trends in New Media

The following content will be covered:

• Transition from Print and Broadcast to New Media.
• Leveling of Equations (Global Monopoly and Advent of New Media).
• Tools and Technology in New Media.
• Bridging the Divide- Rural and Urban through New Media.
• Activism through New Media
• Citizen Journalism and Regressive Communication.

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Media Rush is an annual conference organized by the department of Mass Media of SIES (Nerul) College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Media Rush has been graced with the presence of eminent professionals from the industry like Mayank Shekhar (Mumbai Mirror), Kiran Kasbekar, Dale Bhagwagar, Yogesh Pawar, Dr S L Dhingra, Shoiab Ahmed, Geeta Seshu, Mr Sanjay Ranade, Mikhil Bhatt, Ateeq Shaikh , Atul Loke, Girish Mallya and Ignatius Gonsalves (Chief Editor of Jeeva Naadam, star journalist, Malayala Manorama).

Register here, to attend the event.


1. Breakfast : 9.00-10.00

2. Lamp lighting and inauguration: 10.00


A] Transition from Print and Broadcast to New Media: 10.30- 11.15
B] Leveling of Equations (Global Monopoly and Advent of New Media): 11.15- 12.00
C] Tools and Technology in New Media: 12.00-1.00

4. Lunch: 1.00- 2.00

5. LECTURE: Bridging the Divide- Rural and Urban through New Media 2.00- 3.00

6. Module II:

A] Activism through New Media: 3.00- 4.00
B] Citizen Journalism and Regressive Communication: 4.00- 5.00

7. Conclusion and Felicitation: 5.00-5.15

For more details or queries regarding registration, contact Neha – 9920829494.

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