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Stuffs That Media Students Spend Money On (Necessity)

Posted on 07 March 2011 by Averee Burman

Money for the typical media student is nothing less than freedom. It’s a freedom to explore- to feel- to cherish- to savour-as also a means of self expression. For most students, their parents donate generously to their pocket money funds. The wise ones work and have something to add to their cv-s.

The post modern society of ours thus rests happy offering us a plethora of choices- to soothe our ‘needs’ and  ‘desires’. Economics strictly classifies the two- the former as a means of sustenance and the latter as paying heed to the ‘id’ in us (following the Freudian explanation). The choice between relevance and irrelevance is then a fine line indeed.

How then can the media students distinguish their needs from all that they desire?  What could be the means of luxury to them –  things they splurge on?

There can be no specific list or a charter of items they should pursue being active consumers of. Parameters are quite subjective.

What is the first thing that the media students love to do? Downloading of course. Downloading files, e-books, movies, documentaries, music etc etc etc. the bills are astronomical. Paying for the bills or for the particular downloads can really dent a hole in the pockets of many.

Most media students, however, are still in love with the print media. As such, they do love to spend a lot on books- academic or anything of their passion. The course books do cost a lot. Moreover books today come with a lumpsum price tag attached to them. In this context, various cd-s can also be added to this list. The price these ‘poor’ media students thus pay to enhance their power of knowledge – is quite a big amount indeed.

Many students also love attending lectures/ seminars/ workshops of eminent people. The entry path thus costs. Yet they willingly pay up- no matter the gravity of the amount-simply for their passion.

Some media students, also splurge a lot on clothes etc so as to attend and cover page 3 parties. The future budding journalists definitely are patrons of this category. Its for a job they love.

Some talented students amongst the many splurge yet again, on their musical instruments and their regular repairing. Its their catharsis. Their weapon of choice of self expression. Its how they can connect with their reality. Why should they let themselves be denied of their eros just because of the numerical price figures which deem irrelevant thus, in their world of the highs and lows of musical notations.

Gadgets- the big area of money spinning activities for the media mass. Camera, lenses, filters, as well as pen drives (lots of them if the students are forgetful), hard disks, etc cost the earth. Yet there is no dearth to their need

Of course most lov travelling. No matter the expenses incurred there, the media students would splurge on that anytime of the day- anytime of the year. Seeing new places, interacting with new faces, gaining a wholesome new experience- widens their horizons of thinking and visualization.  Creativity gets an edge thus.

Some also are seen to splurge on subscription to magazines, journals, clubs etc which do reduce their piggy bank levels. Yet one word accounts for all- passion.

Coffee- for dates, for late nights, for burning the midnight lamps stdying for exams, or simply for hanging out together in regular “adda” sessions- are the aphrodisiacs the students happily splurge on.

Yes- there’s also the expenses on print out and Xeroxes to be considered. Assignments or simply to gain more wisdom make these students cough up more.

Sometimes the artists amongst us also have to splurge on arts and crafts artifacts- for example a calligraphy pen. The smiles on the faces- the sheer contentment- is thus no match for the price he/she pays for it.

Again there are many paid sites which the students needs to pay up before accessing. These sites are particularly relevant for the owls among us- the researchers gaining a foothold on secondary research data.

There are also expenses related to purchase of laptops- repairing them, adding features or customizing them.

The last few items the students splurge on are the usual ones- booze, fags, joints, as also their temporary better halves- gf-s/ bf-s

All in all, this article clearly shows that “there’s no free lunch for anyone.”

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