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Rise to the Challenge

Posted on 01 August 2011 by BMMBoxer

The MRSC in collaboration with SIES College wants to find exciting new faces in TV journalism. They are looking for anyone and everyone who is willing to rise to the challenge of writing about some of the most crucial issues faced in the world of journalism.

The competition is backed by senior professional journalists from field (print and television).

All you need to do is write a 300-500 word article/report on

‘TV News needs Self-regulation or censorship’.
Click photograph on the theme ‘Life in a Metro’.

Last date of submission is  15th April 2011.

Students can mail their entries at

And you will be judged by the bests in the industry.
The article/Report will be judged for its relevance, journalistic content, facts, commentaries, opinion pieces & examples. It will also be assessed for originality and efforts to examine the issue being written about.

Judges for the final stage will include

1) Sriram Vernekar: TOI Photojournalist Sriram Vernekar clicked the first photographs of the 26/11 attackers Ajmal Kasab and Abu Ismail, despite being fired upon. The photographs went as evidence in the court.

2) Ravi Tiwari : Ravi Tiwari is a well known TV journalist with experience of more than 15 years. Presently he is Bureau Chief of LIVE INDIA. Earlier he had been associated with NDTV, INDIA TV, IN TIME, E-TV.

3) Ketan Vaidya: Presently Media Adviser to US Consul General, Mumbai. Mr. Ketan Vaidya is a former TV journalist. He had worked with NDTV, AAJ-TAK, ANI.

The overall winners will be announced at a gala event in Mumbai in June 2011 to which all finalists will be invited.

The prizes will be awarded by the senior journalists. Also winners will get chance for a first hand interaction with the senior TV Journalists.


The five winners of first prize will receive 5 Touch Screen Phone.
The 10 winners of second prize will get  10 I Pods.
The 20 third prize winner will get 20 Pen Drives.
Certificate of Honour for all participants

The real prize, of course, is being chance of first hand interaction with senior TV journalists.

Last date of submission is  15th April 2011.

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