Doing Business Online – Search Tools on a High!

Posted on 04 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

The emergence of Online medium has led businesses to adopt increasingly valuable strategies that would enhance their balance sheet numbers.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – digital marketing tools are being practiced by SME’s as well as MNC’s to tap the online medium.

A recent report from digital marketing intelligence firm ComScore revealed that the number of global online searches increased 41 percent, growing from 80.5 billion searches in July 2008 to 113.7 billion searches in July 2009.Google websites saw the highest amount of searches – The 76.7 billion Google searches seen in July 2009 mark a 58 percent increase over the past year.

Google now enjoys a market share of 67.5%, leaving competition far behind. Yahoo and AOL follow the market leader.

ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, HDFC-Home Loans, Apna Paisa are some of the financial institutions who practice SEO as well as SEM. FMCG companies have also recently joined the online medium to connect with its consumers.

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