OMD on a high – After Monster and Vodafone it bags Virgin Atlantic’s Media Account

Posted on 05 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Omnicom seems to have hit a hetric as in a period of less than a month; it has bagged three global accounts.

Earlier this month OMD took Monster’s global media-planning and -buying account without a review, and just last week it was awarded telecom giant Vodafone’s $1 billion-plus global media-buying account in 19 regions, including the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Spain — all regions where they previously held the business — as well as regions in which they weren’t managing the business, such as the U.K., Australia, India, Greece, Ireland and South Africa.

And now Virgin Atlantic has awarded its $30 million-plus traditional and digital global media business to Omnicom Group’s OMD.
Paul Dickinson, marketing director at Virgin Atlantic, said the consolidation was done to develop better brand consistency around the globe.

OMD and RKCR/Y&R both previously held the media and creative accounts, respectively, in the U.K., Virgin’s biggest market. The consolidation effort was initiated from Virgin’s headquarters there.

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