Google TV – From living room to Web

Posted on 23 March 2010 by BMMBoxer

Next time you decide to buy a TV, you may well have an option of purchasing a Google TV. Apparently, Google is all set to foray into the TV segment and extend its reach to the living room. The Google TV, made by Sony will be equipped with Intel Chips and powered by Android. The TV would enable users to surf the web and various websites like channels.

The GTV will come in the form of both a set-top box and actual TV-sets. It will also have an in-built Chrome Browser. Apart from the regular television, websites like You Tube, Twitter, and Picasa photo site would also be part of the package. Also, addition of other Android Apps will make it more user-friendly.

Logitech has been approached to make peripherals such as speakers and a QWERTY-equipped remote. With such major developments happening, GTV could make its way in the market in a few months.

Google already dominates the web world, and with this is just getting to take on the living room as well 🙂

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