Coca-Cola’s “Expedition 206” – latest and the largest social media campaign

Posted on 25 October 2009 by BMMBoxer

Coke-Expedition 206

Coke-Expedition 206

What happens when the world’s oldest soft drink brand decides to go for social media? Nothing more than the most innovative and largest social media campaign in recent times. Coca-Cola Co. is launching a social media campaign called “Expedition 206”, in which a team of three bloggers will be sent to 206 countries in a year to uncover what makes people happy, as part of the soft drink maker’s “Open Happiness” campaign.

The campaign will include all the social media efforts which include blogging, posting updates on Twitter and adding videos to YouTube. Consumers apart from interacting with the team can also suggest them various things to do during their journey.

The team of three people is yet to be shortlisted and will be done via voting through online. The three travelers will spend the entire year travelling around the 206 countries, where Coke is sold. The team will meet the locals, tell stories on the trip’s Web site and take part in events like the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The entire cost will be borne by the company apart from their salary which will not be disclosed.

“It’s not about having the Coca-Cola brand first and foremost, centre of the screen,” said Adam Brown, director of Coca-Cola’s Office of Digital Communications and Social Media. “It’s about telling the story that involves Coca-Cola that involves the attributes of what Coca-Cola is about, optimism and joy.”

The trip begins Jan. 1 in Madrid. In the first month, they’ll go to 17 countries, including Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia and Panama. It ends Dec. 31 at Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta. The travelers will mostly be on their own but will connect with local Coca-Cola representatives and be escorted in certain countries, Brown said.

Nine finalists have been shortlisted and votes can be cast at till November 6, 2009. The winning team will be announced by end of November.

Hope the trio as well as Coke enjoy the journey and reach their desired destinations..

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