BMM Semester 1 Reference Books

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First Year B.M.M. Semester I

1. Effective communication skills I


Study strategies – Grellet, F.N. Delhi : Oxford University Press 1979
ELT Cell, University of Mumbai – Note making and Composition Exercise 1979 – Bhasker, W.S. and Prabhu, N.S.
Communication skills in English – Bellare, Nirmala, Martin, J.R. – Examination Papers, 1981.
Communication Skills in English – Hamp-Lyons, L. and Heasley B. – Examination Papers, 1987.


Developing Reading Skills – Cambridge University Press 1981 – Freeman, Sarah.
Reading and Thinking in English, Four Vols. (Vol. 1 for the Lowest Level, Vol. 4 for the Highest Level), The British Council, Oxford University Press, 1979 – 1981 – Saraswathi, V.
English through Reading, Vols. 1 and 2, Oxford University Press, 1988.
Reading and Study strategies, Vols. 1 and 2, Oxford University Press, 1988.


Factual Writing: Exploring and Challenging Social Reality, Oxford University 1990.
Study Writing : A course in Written English for Academic and Professional Purposes, Cambridge University Press 1987.
Written Communication. Orient Longman, 1977.
Organized Writing, Book1, Orient Longman
Organized Writing, Book 2, Orient Longman


De Bono, Edward; Teaching Thinking, (1986); Penguin Books.
De Bono, Edward; De Bono’s Thinking Course; (1996); BBC Books.
De Bono, Edward; Serious Creativity; (1992); Penguin

2. Fundamentals of Mass Communication:

De Fleur, Melvin and Dennis, Everette; Understanding Mass Communication; (1988); 3rd edition; Houghton Miffin Co.
Narula, Uma; Mass Communication Theory and Practice; (1944); Haranand.
Andal; Communication Theories and Models.
Ed. Barker and Petley; Ill Effects, 2nd edition; (1997); Routledge.
Ed. J. S. Yadav; Issues in Mass Communication; Kanishka Publishers.
Davison, Boylan and Yu; Mass Media – Systems and Effects; (1976).
Hobart; Information Ages

3. Landmarks in 20th Century World History:

Davis; World History.
Cahoone; From Modernism to Postmodernism: An Anthology; Blackwell Publishers.
McNeil and Seldman; Continental Philosophy: an Anthology.
Hutchinson’s Dictionary Ideas (94); Helican.
J.O. Urmson and Ree; Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and
Philosophers; Unwin Hyman (89).

4. Introduction to Sociology:

Sociology, Polity Press, Ed 2 London 1999 – Giddens Anthony.
Sociology, Tata McGraw Hill 1999 – Law and Shaffers.
Sociology, Oxford University Press 1998; Leslie, Larson, Gorman.
Sociology Imagination – C. Wright Mills.
Human Society – Kingsley Davis.

5. Economics:

Paul Samuelson; Economics
Begg, Dombush and Fischer; Micro and Macro Economics
Stonier and Hague; Economics
Lipsey and Steiner; Economics
D.M. Mithani; Business Economics (part I and II)
R.R. Sahuraja and others; Economic Theory

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