PepsiCo launches ‘Smart Choice’ Café in Chennai

Posted on 19 February 2010 by BMMBoxer

PepsiCo India has launched its first ‘Smart Choice’ café in Chennai. The café will promote the health segment of the company which is marketed under the name ‘Snack Smart’. The company plans to open such outlets in New Delhi and four other cities by the end of the year.

The café will offer a variety of healthy food dishes and beverages like Quaker muffins, Quaker Idly (made from Quaker oats, a PepsiCo product), Tropicana 100 per cent smoothies, Nimbooz (the company’s lemon-flavoured beverage), coconut mint mocktails. The café along with promoting PepsiCo products will also act as an incentive for its consumers to eat healthy foods and stay fit.

Mallika Janakiraman, vice-president, health and wellness, PepsiCo India, said, “Keeping with its emphasis on performance with purpose, PepsiCo has always partnered with different stakeholders in promoting good nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and this is yet another milestone in a continuous endeavor to do better than our best to be part of a solution to make tomorrow better than today.”

The company has collaborated with the Centre for Nutrition Counseling, Research and Extension Activities at Women’s Christian College, Chennai to set up the Smart Choice Café in college campuses and will offer students healthy breakfast choices.

In the coming years, health segment will be one of the priority markets for PepsiCo, as announced by Indra Nooyi, global chairman of PepsiCo.

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