Watch IPL matches live on YouTube

Posted on 21 January 2010 by BMMBoxer

The third season of Indian Premier League is surely going to be bigger than expected. The latest is the deal signed between IPL and Google India, which would allow cricket lovers to watch the game live through YouTube. This will include 44 days of IPL with 59 matches. IPL 2010 is scheduled to start in March.

Per the deal, YouTube will broadcast matches live or on a short delay on a dedicated YouTube channel. The viewership will not apply in the USA, which will have re-broadcast options.

Confirming the news, Lalit Modi, added, “This changes the world of sports broadcasting. The internet has changed the lives of everyone and this will do the same for sport. We are now taking our event truly global for the first time. Google gives us access to 500 million pairs of eyes every single moment of the day. There are a few countries where the feed will be near as live which means there will be a delay of only a few minutes, but most places will be able to see live streaming of the action.”

“We do not have a live feed in the UK. People in the UK keep asking me why they can’t see it. Now if they have a broadband connection they can get it for free. It is about broadening the fan base, after that everything follows,” Modi said.

“We are thrilled to have the IPL as our global partner,” said Shailesh Rao, senior manager of Google India. “YouTube offers an open platform for sports and entertainment companies to take their content to a global audience and a great opportunity for advertisers.”

Shailesh Rao added that the medium would just allow anyone with a broadband connection to watch the match live and at the same time give the ultimate control in the hand of the viewers. So they can freeze, fast-forward and rewind the feed, as well as watch replays at any time during the day, a choice that is unavailable to television viewers who are bound by broadcast schedules.

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