CampusBoxer -The Power-charged BMMBox College Ambassador

Posted on 13 January 2010 by BMMBoxer

CampusBoxer – The Power-charged BMMBox College Ambassador

As a CampusBoxer, what will I do?

* You will represent your college and serve as a vital link between your
campus and BMMBox.

* You will be in command of all activities of BMMBox for your college and
will help smoothen the process – of course, the BMMBox team will be
assisting you always!

As a CampusBoxer, what’s in for me?

* You will be an integral part of the internal BMMBox Team and so you
get to be the first in your college to know of latest happenings in BMM
– exams, papers, and much more!

* Just as a bonus, you will be featured on BMMBox as a CampusBoxer –
so you’ll be famous + you get special access to some of our coolest
features like social groups, picture albums, private messaging, and so
on on

* You get an awesome certificate of experience with our cool stamp on it!

Okay, I’m ready, what next?

* Register here, and we come back to you supah speed! Or

* Send us an email ( with your name, college
name, year, and mobile number

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