Why BMM..? (10 reasons for choosing BMM as a career option after HSC)

Posted on 14 May 2010 by BMMBoxer

After giving my HSC exams I was really confused as for what career option should I opt for and what would be best for me. A lot of thinking, research plus a lot of advice from friends, cousins, family and neighbours helped me zero down on my decision. Though the advice mainly revolved around the heavy weights like CA, Hotel Management and others:-), the decision was made. I decided to kick start my career by going for Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM).

As I’ve progressed towards the second year, I feel I had selected BMM, as I wanted to be different and unique, but still a part of this world’s crowd. There are 86 students in my class and every individual has his/her own reasons for choosing BMM. Probably part of the crowd, but surely not followers of the crowd.

Now let’s do a flashback and give you a piece of all the thinking and all the reasons I think that make the course worth pursuing.

1. First of all… Think for yourself… Who are we??? Just a slave to the MEDIA. From the moment we wake – up in the morning and pick up the newspaper, to the hoardings on a way to individual’s going to his office, to the afternoon radio, the primetime evening TV and bedtime book…. Take a look around yourself… Everything is trying to tell you something.
This, my dear friend is not a science fiction but modern reality.

Take some time and start thinking what interests you, what bores you and may be everything will look much easier.

2. Today Media stands as an attractive career prospect to the youth of today. BMM teaches you the technical aspects of media but to understand the professional proficiency of it in a practical way, you have to be more creative and think worthy for it. Everyone knows that today Media has reached every nook and corner of the world and has the power to affect people’s lives.

So, if you’re the inquisitive type, can’t get enough of the world, BMM could just be the beginning.

3. Modern media has exploded, how! … Let’s have a brief look… More than 20 news channels have surfaced in 2 yrs, more than 75 radio channels have been launched all across the country, the daily publications, the up coming filmmakers, the daily soaps, the reality shows are all the rage. The definition of media is changing by the second; It now defines itself as a mean of entertainment, education, information, knowledge and much more…

4. Now with media explosion getting bigger and spreading its successful wings all over the world, newer callings such as journalism, advertising, film making, editing, script writing, etc are on demand. YES!!! Even media analysis, is a serious career option for the youth. This course has been properly planned to offer students a concrete ground in communication skills. It has the syllabus which attracts the individual to undertake BMM.

E.g. Subjects like Communication skills, creative writing, English literature, photography, broadcast journalism, internet issues, global media, niche and magazine journalism help you broaden your knowledge as well as your future horizons.

5. You will be guided by talented and experienced teachers, faculty and industry professionals. Nothing better than hearing out real life experiences of the who’s who of the advertising world.

6. When I selected BMM as my career option, from the very first day till I kept a goal in my mind to become a successful and able journalist. And YES!!! I am working on it seriously. Journalism is the most interesting career option for me and I’m doing my best to be good at it. The attractive job profile offers you challenging assignments and can lead you in to the most happening places in the course of the job.

7. If you select journalism as your career option in BMM, you need far more than that. Creativity being the key factor. Being an extrovert will take you a long way always. The ability to interact with people is a critical requirement. A keen sense of observation, intuition to perceive what is not directly revealed and sound general awareness is essential. Students who really want a career in media will make it happen.

8. It also looks forward to develop skill for critical thoughts and originality and to provide the students a break to merge the theoretical program with the practical applications through comprehensive research, logical writing, etc. It’s not only a theoretical study but also full of creativeness and innovative ideas you can come up with. AS deeply you study it, you get to know more surprises about yourself and your inner talent also.

9. Wide options to choose from. You could decide if you want to be in broadcasting section as an announcer, newsreader, presenter/anchor, correspondent, video or radio jockey, producer. There’s a match for everyone 🙂

10. Without the expertise of media and journalists, the world might collapse with no one taking the initiative to spread the news from one place to another and keeping the world connected through the thread of humanity. So while doing your job you get to be a savior as well…so heroic 🙂

Mrinalini Singh

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