The All Time Favorite Excuses For Not Faring Well In The BMM Internals Or Externals Or Both

Posted on 12 May 2010 by BMMBoxer

The results are in your hand and your jaws drop and your face suddenly turns long. The reason for these facial changes is the presence of certain unexpected figures on your mark sheet. Your mind is not tensed about those figures. It is busy thinking the reasons for their presence there.

And, you reach home and act as cool as possible and then you are asked as to why did you not fare well. Either you have your reasons ready before you enter your house else your mind again starts wandering for convincing reasons.

Here are some of the most common excuses the mind comes up with at such emergency situations.

1. FESTS – Elixir For A Bmm Student:

DETOUR, CUTTING CHAI, MOSAIC, MALHAR, BLITZKREIG and too many more to be a part of. How can a student manage all these events and stay glued to the dull notes at the same time?

‘Dad! The seniors say being a part of the fest is much more important than the marks. There are no fests happening during the coming semester, so I shall score well again.’

2. Sandwiched Between Presentations & Tests:

If we stay up late and work even after college hours for the success of our presentations, how can we create extra hours in a day to study for our tests? Specially, when the topics covered during the presentations are not necessarily a part of our exams, it becomes all the more difficult. Hence, such low scores.

3. Blame Game:

In case, the notes provided are handwritten, it becomes too easy to find a reason. Just blame the professor for their illegible handwriting. If a student doesn’t understand half of the notes, how can he or she manage to pass with flying colours?

4. Doubtful Forever:

Make an effort to find out some doubts and approach the professor when he is in the worst of the moods or when he is visibly busy. In that case, you will be shooed away and ah! After the results, you know whom to blame, don’t you?

5. Completion Impossible:

If you are a disciplined person and always keep your answer sheets neat, then the best excuse will be that you wanted to keep your paper clean and hence, wrote slowly and realized much later that you hardly have any time to complete the paper. In this way, you failed to attempt the complete paper, though you knew the answers.

6. United We Stand, Isn’t It?

‘You won’t believe nobody in the class crossed the score of 25. So, in a way, I’m the third highest scorer.’ This might bring some momentary relief till your parents find out the classroom reality 🙂

7. Lend A Helping Hand Always:

Being selfless during the preparations is the best time to be selfless. Later, you can just flaunt your generous side and say that you had given your notes to your friends who didn’t have them and later figured out that you yourself didn’t have notes. But, because it was important for your friends to clear the subject, you didn’t mind sacrificing some of your marks to help them pass the subject. Aawwww!!! So Sweet of you!

8. Too Vast As Usual:

There’s always a subject during every semester that is extremely vast and so the whole class expects low marks and the blame is always on the vastness of the syllabus.

Arundhati Chatterjee

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