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Solutions For Desperate Situations: Stuff That Works!

Posted on 04 September 2010 by Garima Chak

Life in the media world is full of turmoil. I speak not just for those pursuing media studies but all those who are working in the media industry and, are thereby learning facts from fiction about the media world on a first hand basis as well. So the first thing you need to keep in mind when attempting to solve a problem in this industry is that no amount of theoretical knowledge can ever come close to what one can learn through hands on experiences, at least as far as the fast evolving world of media is concerned.

That said,if you find yourself trying to find your way out of a difficult situation (and there will be numerous such situations), think of how and why you got there in the first place. Work backwards thinking of all that was done to reach the point. Soon you will reach the root cause of it all. And working at the root of the problem will make you realise how easy it can be to uncomplicate a complicated situation. It’s quite simple really, once you get the hang of it. It is almost like a solution sitting right in front of you- only you were too busy to notice. You were trying too hard to ‘solve’ the problem without even thinking of the reason why the problem came to exist in the first place.

Another ‘to do’ at this point would be to make a mental note of this for future reference. Thinking of alternative solutions to the problem is also suggested as it teaches your brain to think laterally.
Having done this you will also come to realise that you can be unaware of your own limitations. Think of it like this. You made a mistake once, but were able to undo it when realisation set in. But don’t you think it would have been much better if the realisation had come before the mistake was made? The answer is a simple yes! Could the realisation have come before the making of the mistake? The answer to this may not be too obvious, but in most situations it is a yes. ‘How?’ you may ask! My experience tells me- this can be done simply by involving more people in your endeavour. That way you have more people working together to obtain a common objective. Thereby the probability of success is substantially high and that of failure is relatively low. And that is the real beauty of team work!!

Another common problem faced by many is that of the stagnation of ideas and consequential low quality work output. Working in teams has its added advantages there as well. For instance, when the work begins to get to you, you will begin to realise that coping with difficult situations becomes easier when your team shares responsibility with you. Also, you begin to set higher standards for yourself as suddenly you find yourself answerable to, and competing with, your team members. This even enables you to avoid some of the risks you may have been daring enough to take had you been working alone. And it encourages you to take up challenges you would’ve never thought of taking up alone. Also you get to learn not only from your personal experiences but also from the combined experiences of your team. For it is only when you work with others that you begin to realise and accept your limitations and the capabilities of those around. You learn to recognize and respect talent when you see it. All this helps you grow and evolve as a professional and as an individual, for nothing can be a more humbling than learning to take the criticism of one’s own colleagues.

However, please take note. I am well aware that not everyone will share your dedication and passion. Also, you must realise that having entered a world renowned as the one that unveils the truth, you must learn to see that which is invisible to the naked eye, read between the lines and figure out hidden motives and agendas. This is a must both as an individual and a media professional. Beware but do not try to stay far away from it all, as that is not possible in a field which requires you to see it all, know it all, in order to show it all. Neither should you become a part of it, nor should you become too sceptical because of it. There are a good many respectable and talented people in this field. Be on the lookout for them, people whom you can trust. Never lose out on the opportunity of working with them. For in my opinion, two dedicated heads are definitely better than one! So work in teams as much as possible. But at the same time learn to work with those you do not trust, for, in this world, dear friend, you need to keep your friends close, and your enemies closer!

Lastly, I give my last, but most valuable anecdote to countering the most impossible of situations. When you err, laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. And whatever the challenge may be, face it with a smile! Wearing a smile might not be the magic-spell that can make all your troubles go away, but it certainly will help you keep your calm and stay focused- the two pre-requisites for problem-solving. Besides, so long as you maintain your calm you can at least be sure of not messing up the situation any further if nothing else. Therefore, dear reader, stay positive, stay calm. Learn to smile often so long as you smile sensibly. And trust me, soon you will realise that your journey in the world of media will become a pleasurable experience!

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