Types of Interviews on Radio and A Few Tips

Posted on 14 July 2012 by Natasha Tulyani

An interview can be casually described as a conversation between the interviewer and the interviewee. The interviewer asks a host of questions to the interviewee on a relevant subject. Since radio is primarily a audio medium, the type of questions asked is very important. It is these questions and their relevance that will keep the listener hooked.

Here we try to break down the types of interviews on a radio and share some tips on how one must conduct a sound radio interview.

The interview types:

1. The Opinion Interview

According to the topic of the programme, experts are called from various fields. These experts then give their sound opinion and advice on the concerned topic. For example, a doctor will be called to address the issue of a malaria outbreak in the city. These interviews are also known as personality interviews. This interview style does not adhere to a script. The interviewer can react, comment, opine and ask questions as the conversation unfolds.

2. Information Interview

The purpose of this interview is to give information about a particular something to the people. In such interviews mostly everything is scripted unlike the opinion interview. Many a times the script is practiced and rehearsed before the programme goes on air. The interviewee can pass factual information or experiences based on a cause or purpose. When the script is written the personality of the interviewee should be kept in mind.

Radio Interview Tips:

These are some important interview tips that you must keep in mind when you are asked to conduct a radio interview:

  1. Do background research
  2. Schedule the interview with basics. For example: introduction, conclusion, questions and so on.
  3. Maintain a notepad and take notes
  4. Agree with the guest if required and ask for explanations when a certain point is unclear
  5. Observe and fine-tune the interview as required
  6. Be fair
  7. Relax

Some things to keep in mind when conducting a phone interview:

  1. Introduce yourself properly
  2. Speak slowly and clearly
  3. Make statements that will put the guest at ease
  4. Ask brief questions
  5. Give the interviewee sufficient time to respond
  6. Do not talk simultaneously

Hope these tips help you in your radio project and/or if you wish to pursue a career in radio.

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