Types of Advertising

Posted on 27 July 2012 by Diksha Gerella (Contributing Writer)

Advertising has become the finest tool for companies who are always looking to strengthen their customer base. It is nothing but the act of promoting one’s product/brand in the marketplace.

There are different types of product consumed by different types of consumers. In the same way, advertisements are also divided in different types according to the usage of the product and the target audience. Here are some of the categories in which advertisements can be divided.

  • Classified advertising:  Classified advertisements are usually printed in newspapers for a number of reasons such as job vacancy, matrimonial, to lease properties, real estate and so on. They are typically short, not more than six lines as the rates of these ads are decided on the basis of the lines or words used. Classified ads are a good source of revenue to newspapers.

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  • Industrial advertising: Industrial advertising is targeted to industrial buyers. Industrial advertising covers products like machine parts, raw materials, plant and machinery etc. It is rampant in business magazines, business newspapers and the likes.
  • Consumer advertising: It is more informative and influential than the rest. All type of consumer items that need continuous and extensive advertising are included in this category like grocery items, cosmetics, clothes, soaps or detergent powders etc. Consumer advertising is targeted at people or families who buy the product for their own use or someone else’s use. Consumer advertising is complex and requires much research and superior + efficient execution skills.

FMCG products

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  • Retail advertising:  These types of advertisements are placed at the place of purchase or place of consumption. It is appealing to people, thus it facilitates shopping. Some people just look around the stores, spot these advertisements and if it appeals to them they shop (buy products). Retail advertising can also be done by putting attractive products on display at the shop, distribution of leaflets or brochures at selected places etc.

Point of Purchase (POP) advertising

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  • Political advertising: These types of advertisements aim at promoting ideas, policies, concerns etc of political parties to gain the trust / confidence of people and votes too. Political advertising is an election campaign process as it is used by political leaders for publicizing their party ideas and assuring people that their demands will be met.  Political parties desire to keep and maintain cordial relationship with different social groups for their support. Here the product is a person or their philosophy rather than any goods or services.

Political Advertising in Print Media

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  • Internet advertising: This method is highly economical and prompt. Companies spend huge amount of money to promote their websites and their presence online. Internet has become an important medium to advertise products and services. It is a fast means of advertising your product. For e.g.:- ads of HDFC loans, Cadbury, Sunsilk, Blackberry, Kellogg’s etc are visible on most websites.
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