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The Way by Omkar Pathak

Posted on 08 January 2012 by BMMBoxer

So, there I was in the middle of a lonely road…No people, No friends. No one but just one person, Myself. There was cold breeze everywhere.

As I took some steps ahead, All I Could feel was a cold nostalgia rolling in my senses. I was petrified because I Was all alone. All I could think was how do I Get home, to where I Belong. Tears had been floating in my eyes since a long time, may be even before I got lost in here.

I was abandoned. There was hardly anyone to accept the way I was. Just another joker for everyone. With such thoughts gripping my mind, I kept on walking and finally I saw a way. The way passed through a forest which was to my left. I could see that the way ended to other side of the forest where probably I’d find a way back to my home.

So What do I do ? How Do I Make my fear vanish ? How Do I gain courage ? How does a teenager like me do it? Alone?

I couldn’t hold on those tears for long. I felt the need to get back home. I looked up to the skies, it was windy all around, I was about to collapse in front of my fear when.. Someone held the palm of my hand. MOM! How did you get here mummy? She didn’t answer, instead she looked at the way and smiled at me with those eyes holding hope like every single time.

It was a cold, dark and stormy night when I ventured into the forest.

We began to walk, slowly. I told mom that I wanted to go home. She Said “I Will”

There was moonlight spread all across the way. The storm was getting stronger. I’d held mum’s hand as if it were stuck. I Could hear the sound of night insects, our own footsteps, sound of dry leaves getting crunched under my shoes and finally a wolf crying. I was shocked, Spooked and even speechless.

Mother embraced me in her arms tightly. Her hands tenderly moving in my hair. Clearing the tears on my face, she said, “Don’t cry” I felt alive with her words, I Felt there isn’t anything that can give solace to me other than this woman.

Again, holding her hand, I started walking. The way was about to end. I Could see one of those lights coming from my native. Finally fear had took a step back. Finally, I felt I’d get home soon.

I held the smallest finger with all my fingers as i’d learned to walk minutes before.
I looked at her and said, “We’re getting home, Mumma”
She had tears in her eyes, She nodded saying “I’ll be there”, and I Could hear thundering.
And there it was, The way ended, I could see a small fence and beyound that, my home.
I was on cloud 9. I yelled “I’m back home! Yohoooo !” I left Mum’s finger and ran ahead to see how close we were. We were almost there.
And then I looked back…
She was gone.
She wasn’t there. My innocent eyes were searching for her everywhere…everywhere..
I fell to the ground. Hitting my hands to the road..crying..yelling her to come back. Come back home.
I wanted her back. I never wanted her to leave me alone in this world. Why Did She..?
Why Did She Die..?
Now, I Wish the way never ended. I Wish I was still on the other side. I Wish she’d take me back home.
I looked up to the skies, screaming “Why did you go mumma ? I Can’t live here without you ? Please come back Mommy! Your baby begs you. Please!”
It started raining…

– Omkar Pathak

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