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Stuffs That Media Students Splurge Money On (Non-Necessity)

Posted on 21 March 2011 by Averee Burman

Its always hard to draw the line between what is necessary or what is unnecessary. The definition of such varies. The distinction thus remains subjective.

For a media student, the options are unlimited. It all depends on how creative the mind is.

All media students are at the end of the day have the power of knowledge via the internet within their reach. The internet thus offers the gamut of options. Some may want to try out a new gadget that people are talking about. The word of mouth tactics would definitely spur the curious minded lot to try and explore anything new. Hence the credit card and the mobile phone bills spent in ordering online stuffs.

Endless cups of coffee. O yes. Money spinning concoction. Bad food, unnecessary cravings lead to binge eating and well- a hole in the pocket.

There are many compassionate students amongst us who love treating stray dogs and cats. No matter the cost, they always find a way to buy that packet of Pedigree or simply Parle- G to make the dog woof happily.

Girls end up spending a lot on accessorizing their clothes collection –  as if clothes and more clothes don’t already cost the earth.

Brands- the butcher of innocent minds and a pocket burner. The addiction to buying only brands for these students (for status or genuine brand loyalty). Kids today eat breathe talk brands. Brands are the conversation starters and the pointers. Without wearing the expensive brands, they feel incomplete.

In this post modern health conscious age, many choose the short cut way to success. Liposuction, cosmetic surgery here and there- naturally diminish funds. The parlour bills for both men and women today turn out to be the retailer’s glee.

Many live alone. Most are careless. Hence the high electricity bills as they happily wade out in their expensive gear leaving lights fans on.

Again, the media students are also guilty of buying unnecessary books. The books cost tremendously. Yet they must buy. They might as well try the cheaper option of reading them online.

There are thus many avenues for spending unnecessarily. The mind thus needs to be receptive, spontaneous and malleable at the same time to cross the self defined boundary between real and unnecessary.

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