Photo Essay: Ladies Coupe by Shreya Shetty

Posted on 04 June 2013 by BMMBoxer

— By Shreya Shetty, Sophia College

I present this Photo-Essay in a very intimate and personal form, exactly in the way I’d see people or their experiences. I name this essay ‘Ladies Coupé’ after being inspired by novelist Anita Nair who has written a book which is titled so. But this essay focuses on the various moments women, as travelers, face throughout their journey. Eve-teasing, frustrations, being scared, being happy, are a few moments I’ve tried to capture of the daily commuters of the Western Railway, Mumbai Local. This is a whole different level of Candid photography! The crowds, the women, their priceless expressions and the daily photography sessions helped me see traveling in a completely different light. Hope you enjoy my work!

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