Faculty Interview: Mr. Sudhakar, Co-ordinator, Wilson BMM

Posted on 15 March 2013 by BMMBoxer

In our second faculty (BMM co-ordinators) interview in a series of three, we conversed with the direct and stern, Mr. Sudhakar, co-ordinator of Wilson BMM. Known as the man who seldom smiles and who mentors his students with unmatched dedication, in this interview he sheds light on the things that set BMM apart from other courses and tell us how academics go beyond books. Read on!

Mr. Sudhakar

Mr. Sudhakar

1. What according to you sets BMM apart from other graduation courses?

The one thing that sets BMM apart is the quality and quantity of projects that students are required to undertake and the range of subjects they study. Right from psychology to marketing to sociology and television even, students are introduced to and required to study these varied subject. Also, the kind of projects and the interpretations they are required to draw from what they learn sets BMM apart.

2. What skill sets must a student have if he/she wishes to take up BMM after standard 12?

Any student interested in BMM must be open to possibilities, to ideas. What happens many times is that we become creatures of habit. So much so, that we ignore ideas. This is something that must be avoided at all costs. Students, individuals must be open and curious, they must be willing to observe, learn and harbour a different kind of attitude.

3. How do BMM students who seek entry into the professional media world benefit from this course?

I think the varied subjects, a thorough understanding of them and the resultant strong theoretical base is what helps BMM students in the professional world. However, it is imperative that they are taught these subjects well and that they learn these with utmost attention.

4. How much weightage would you place on fests and academics in the BMM course structure?

Ultimately, it is all about balance. A thorough academic and theoretical understanding of the subject is a must, though. Also, theory is not just about syllabus. Attending lectures, participating in discussions, sharing your point-of-views, raising issues is a great way to learn.

5. What sets Wilson BMM apart from BMM as offered by other colleges?

We have a rigorous course structure. We don’t simply stick to the syllabus designed by the university. We use material from Harvard Business Review (HBR), The Economist, etc. to get a holistic view of the current events/trends. The projects are rigorous too and they demand much of the students.

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