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Posted on 09 September 2009 by BMMBoxer

Adfactors PR, one of India’s leading public relations consultancy, announced the launch of its another specialized service. Crisis 24X7 will be India’s first specialist service to assist companies, institutions and individuals manage communications in crisis situations. The team behind the specialized service includes experts having extensive experience in reputation management, particularly during crisis situations.

Adfactors PR has a presence in 40 Indian cities, thus making it easier for the Crisis 24X7 team to provide solutions for various crisis in those parts.

“Businesses today are extremely vulnerable to crisis which can be precipitated by any number of factors. CRISIS24x7 fills a critical void in the market for an expert, dependable service, available round-the clock. Thus, we believe we have a unique service proposition,” said Mr. Madan Bahal, Managing Director, Adfactors PR Pvt. Ltd.

The expertise of Crisis 24X7 team is available for short-span engagements which call for specialized resources. It is an extension of the larger crisis and Issues practice at Adfactors PR, which includes crisis preparedness, training and simulation programmes as well as issues management support.

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