Alternative Careers, 4: Event Management

Posted on 22 June 2013 by BMMBoxer

– By Mariya Sethjiwala, Sophia BMM

Ever thought what went on behind the scenes to create that awesome concert you were at last weekend? Or how did they manage to come up with that well co-ordinated award function your father was talking about? The answer lies with an event co-ordinator! Most successful events are the result of an efficient and hard working event management team that works day and night to make sure nothing is out of place on the day of their event.

An event coordinator is a person who develops plans, coordinates and completes functions within business organizations. The job always keeps you busy and on your toes when the event actually happens. A knack of managing people, co-ordinating with various professionals and making sure everything goes on smoothly is on your job specifics.

To be an event manager, a basic course in Mass Media helps as it gives you insightful knowledge of various aspects of the media industry. You can start off by volunteering for various events during your holidays between semesters. This will help you test yourself if the field is suited for you or not.

Coordinating special events requires skills in overseeing, planning, coordinating, executing, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of events, whether social, educational, internal or external. The event coordinator must follow financial constraints and adhere to guest requests and schedules. Most importantly, you should be ready to work for long hours in the run up to a big event. But that shouldn’t be looked as a con, because working with a team of creative people can actually be lot of fun.

No event coordinating company organises all kinds of events. So it becomes important to select at the start of your career what sort of events you want to organise and then plan your career according to that. This field offers a lot of scope to be an entrepreneur as well. Once you think you have enough experience, you can make use of the various contacts and relations you have built, to start your company and innovate and sell various events to bag sponsors.

Today around 500 big and 1,800 small event management companies are operating in India and the ambit is widening with even occasions like birthday parties, seminars, exhibitions and stage shows being taken up by independent event managers. This means ample of job opportunities for event management enthusiasts.

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