Shardul Gayal

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My Name Is Shardul Gayal

BMM From? ICL College

Specialization Advertising

Year Completed BMM 2006

Other Educational Qualifications (PG/UG/Etc) PG in Advt. & PR – MKU

Status Single


Professional Experience 4 years

You Currently Work At Sr. Copywriter at Thoughtshop Advt. & Films Production

Your daily routine Eat ideas, sleep ideas, drink ideas, potty ideas….Live ideas.

Organization(s) You Worked At Before

Marching Ants & Thoughtrains and as a consultant for FEI Cargos and Syntex.

Key Projects/Campaigns You’ve Been Part Of, Rodies V, Fun Cinmas, Fun Republic, Mobilenxt, Parle Krackjack, Parle Milano, Parle Hide n Seek, NDTV Imagine, Olay, Gillette… phew… ICE essentials Lingerie, Pantaloons, Pause Wines, Nirma Detergent, ICICI Fellowship, Hotel Sahara Star, Tikona broadband… d list longer… basically, every category you say.

Most challenging project/campaign you’ve been part of? What made it challenging?

I would rate ICE Essentials as d most difficult one out of the rest. I was 22 then. At 22, guys you know, how difficult it would be to concentrate when you are working on a lingerie brand. And I’m supposed to do a print campaign on a category which is already wonderfully explored by the biggies in the industry. Brief being ‘comfort’, I managed to pull off a few insights. I’ll mention one of the headlines – If I was looking for support, I would look for a husband.

How did you start your career? What was your first step after completing BMM?

After BMM, I took a break for a few months to develop my folio. Got a break in Marching Ants. Folio is all that counts.

Were you clear about which field you wanted to get into right from the beginning? What helped you take your leaps?

I wanted to get into Journalism when I started. I loved writing. By the end of 1st yr, somehow, i was called by a small AD agency to work for them. It was a surprise but I took it. There’s where I realized, Copywriting is my field. I utilized my two years in degree learning all i could and making innumerable videos. My folio work had already begun there.


Does being a BMMite give you an edge over others? Yes/No – Please elaborate

Even being an IITian canot give an edge unless you create an edge. How you utilize your Degree time is what matters. Firstly, get clear in your head of what you want to do after graduation – asap.

Do the subjects in BMM help you know the reality of the job? Is there any place for theory in the industry you’re in?

Depends what department you are in. Theory helped me with arguments against my BDO and client servicing teams and the rest subjects like history and accounts got converted into ideas.

BMM or BMM from a particular college? Does it make a difference?

Guys, just for fun sake, i’ll confuse you more; most people in advertising today are either are BSc or Engineering pass-outs.
Bottom line – Advertising ignores colleges and marks. Your passion can drive you to self-confidence and eventually a promising future.

Did you complete any internship(s) – where, when, how was the experience?

I was hired to work by various small agencies during my degree. I considered that as my internship. I never had to apply anywhere for it. It was just word of mouth that spreads. Work gets noticed guys, even at college level.

Internships during BMM – are they relevant in the long run?

Internships help you grasp the basic professional jargon. So get your hand on them asap.

Work Ex or Higher Studies? What’s your pick? Why?

In creative dept., folio speaks. I did my PG so that my qualification should not be an issue in case any girl agrees to marry me.


BMM is transforming BMM towards the new age.

Your biggest achievement till date One of the very few copywriters in India to have 7 TVCs under his belt at this age.

You regret Realizing that smoking doesn’t help generate ideas and yet continuing smoking merrily.

Your favorite subject in BMM Your hangout adda during BMM Brand Building. No, it wasn’t copywriting.

Your hangout adda during BMM Nothing in particular. Any chai tapri would do.

Define your job in one sentence Generating ideas and writing scripts, headlines, body copies.

Your favorite professor at college Friends.

Your biggest goof up at work I almost broke the head of one of the Client Servicing guys. LMAO. Today he is the BDO at one of the most reputed agencies. LMAO.
Now the doors there are closed for me.
Goof up, not a regret. Still LMAO.


The journey so far…and where I see myself going Well, I’ve survived Advertising so far. I manged to quit alcohol in the process. To be frank, there will come a time when I may have to compromise on the creative satisfaction part and ask for money. Still hopeful for the best.

My Success Mantra Observation rendered with a wacky twist.

5 Tips for BMMites

1)      Ask why. We are the second best creative people after scientists.

2)       ‘Impossible is nothing’. Don’t restrict yourself.

3)      Even a 6 yr old is creative. We have to be rationally creative. Find the balance.

4)      Be clear what you want to do after T.Y.

5)      If you have parents, don’t wander around searching for an IDOL.

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