Four Ad Campaigns that Clicked

Posted on 07 August 2012 by Abha Goradia (Contributing Writer)

Every month, dozens of ad campaigns are launched. Some are good, some are outright bad and some are forgotten even before they are remembered! But there are a few that are beyond good – these are extraordinary as they strike a chord with the viewer; they simple yet not stupid and all-in-all, they deliver the message perfectly well. Here are four ad campaigns that, according to us, have clicked.

1. The Taste of Amul

If a brand’s value is to be judged by the ease with which it can be recalled, then Amul’s marketing campaign wins hands down.
With its clever use of topical events, Amul’s utterly butterly campaign—it has the distinction of entering the Guinness World Records as the longest running campaign—has won the brand several accolades.
Playing the role of a social observer, its weekly comments have tickled India’s funny bone since 1967, when Sylvester Da Cunha’s irrepressible Amul girl first had her say.

2. Campaigning like Tata:

Nearly everybody fell in love with the Jaago Re campaign of Tata Tea. The campaign showed simple aspects of our daily life, highlighted how we have forgotten our basic duties as citizens of India, and urged the audience to ‘wake up’. These set of ads stood out in the crowd and mostly focused on the functional aspect of tea. By picking up issues so close to the average consumer’s average day, Tata Tea was able to connect with the audience, and by bringing in an emotional angle to the whole experience of tea, the campaign was hugely successful. Major benefits of this brand extension include leveraging the existing brand’s equity to gain trust, cost saving and continuing on a trusted formula (in terms of brand elements).

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3. Negative publicity:

Television advertising is generally a thirty second audio visual clipping telling us the features and advantages of a particular product. Since the time span of an advertisement is so less, the advertisement should always be exciting, interesting and get the point through immediately. If we marry the concept that advertisements are always time bound and that human psychology is always attracted to controversy, we get the perfect form of advertising – controversial advertising. For example, the Amul Macho ads, with their obvious sexual overtures, were able to create quite a stir. Though they were eventually banned, but the brand was able to create awareness and separate itself from the competition.

4. Coz, dirt can be your best friend!

Who hasn’t seen the utterly cute Surf Excel ads? This campaign by Surf Excel is one of its longest running and one that has clicked with the audiences. In all ads of this campaign, the children are urged to get dirty and messy if it helps to achieve something good – like a smile on a loved ones face. This particular brother-sister ad is one of our favourites, is it yours?

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