Graduation Queries, 2: How To Write The Perfect Resume?

Posted on 08 April 2013 by BMMBoxer

Research and surveys have revealed that it actually takes recruiters an average of 6 seconds to decide whether a candidate is fit for a job based on reading their resume. So what are the secrets of a good resume? Well you have to pay attention to detail and make sure the important points are concise and hard-hitting. These pointers will help you understand better:

Be Specific:

A good resume is always tailored to the job you’re applying for. It should be reflective of what a potential employer looks for in an ideal candidate. Hence your resume needs to be more industry-specific than plain generic.

Important Details:

  • Put your name, address and contact details right at the top.
  • Should you state an objective? Only do that when you’re certain that the objective stands out and fits the job profile. Don’t be generic or philosophical.
  • Make sure to state only relevant work experience. While certain job skills are transferrable and form the crux of every working employee, don’t get into frivolous details which have no bearing on the present job.
  • List out your accomplishments and subtly make them stand out. Remember, these aren’t qualities you believe you possess. Rather works which have helped you gain credit and recognition. Preferably put your accomplishments in bullet points.
  • Keep education based information brief. Experienced candidates choose to keep information about academic degrees at the end of the resume. However if you’re graduate applying for a first job, then it would help being elaborative with respect to your academic success.
  • In today’s world, a lot of job searches take place online. Hence it is important to include job specific keywords in your resume which are reflective of the skills you possess.

Other Details:

It helps to not include information like your hobbies and references. In the professional world, recruiters don’t have too much time to worry about what you like doing outside the office space. More over if they are interested in referencing you up, they will ask.

Length of Resume:

Your length of resume should mirror your years of experience. Work experience does count for a lot, especially if it pertains to the same industry.

Supplementary Points:

  • Present the details in your resume in a chronological order which makes it easier for the recruiter to find important details.
  • Don’t just fill your resume with information. Rather balance the content with the right amount of white space.
  • Sometimes it helps to take an innovative route and create your own resume template rather than stick to a basic one. However make sure this is industry appropriate.

While there’s no pre-defined formula to crack a job with a resume, following these guidelines is sure to help. Stick to your strong points and keep it as simple as possible, that’s sure to leave a mark on any recruiter.

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