Detour 2012. The Events Team Speaks.

Posted on 12 December 2012 by BMMBoxer

Raunaq Bajaj and Pratik Gangavane who have conceptualized all the incredible events revolving around the theme of Cinema give us an insight into how they came about these ideas.

Pratik tells us, “When we first sat to figure the events it looked pretty easy, but we soon realized that having a mainstream theme comes with a challenge of maintaining the crowds interest with out of the box events. We wanted the events to be challenging and at the same time realistic enough.”

Raunaq adds, “As difficult it is for the colleges to execute the events, it was equally exigent for us to craft them. Being largely culture orientated, incepting the marketing event i.e. Filmy Bazaar, was a big challenge for us. Considering the track of Cinema and Bollywood, it’s easy to frame artistic and cultural events but not the theory ones. Our chief foundation behind every event was to keep it fun and challenging, which would hold everyone’s attention. We wanted the colleges to actually crack their heads in coming up with the best ways to present their acts.”

Pratik continues, “We have made sure we do not spoon feed our contingents. Curtain Call, our fashion show event this year is demanding and expects the contestants to walk the ramp without performing any stunts, which has been the trend lately. We wanted to bring back the original concept of fashion shows back.”

Detour is famous and renowned to start every event on time, a feat which other colleges fail to accomplish. We asked the two vivacious events heads of Detour that how they were managing to live up to this legacy, “Pratik and I are personally never on time for any of our meetings or even lectures for that matter. But for Detour we have a standard to follow and live up to a name. So, we’ll be there on time. Will you too?”

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