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Technology That Empowers Media Students

Posted on 20 October 2010 by Garima Chak

Today’s is a world of cars that move fast and information that travels even faster. The jet age even seems passé now… a thing of the past. And as the information boom consumes the whole world as a black hole would consume everything around it, our world prepares itself for another major explosion in terms of the next technological discovery, we, the media representatives the morrow find ourselves in the position of the religious texts of yesteryears. For what the world will believe tomorrow must necessarily be provided by us, and approved by us!

Under such a scenario it becomes extremely important for a media trainee to be well equipped with all the arms and ammunitions that technology can provide. For, in tomorrow’s world, it is hoped that media will indeed be the agency that will not only deliver service in terms of information, connectivity and broadcasting etc. but also be a crucial part of government decision making by becoming increasingly responsible- socially. Ergo arises the need for the media trainee to have all possible sorts of weapons of mass-construction possible.
Technology available today is vast and diverse in terms of use and usability. Therefore, it is crucial for the media students to firstly be aware of the technology that exists today, and secondly, know how to make the technology work for him. But this is only step one. Next comes the increasingly crucial step of constantly updating ones knowledge, and upgrading ones skills. This is important not only so that one is able to do his or her job properly or to the best of one’s ability, but also so that one can ward off becoming obsolete and outdated and thereby redundant. For, the increasing level of importance that media is gaining in today’s world it is only obvious that the media industry is destined to grow both horizontally and vertically and along with this will grow the level of competition within the media industry.

Whereas not much can be spoken of the kind of technology that the future will bring for us, the media student can for now hone up his or skills by acquiring whatever technological skills are available today. Of these that have the maximum potential in terms of empowering the media student would include:

1. A Good Mobile Phone.

A good mobile phone is a means to not only be reachable, but also one’s window into the internet. And that is a must for a media student. Also, with the ease of uploading pictures and videos on the net it serves a dual purpose of letting any person, even those not a part of the media world, to become part of it. This they can do by becoming citizen journalists- a phenomenon that media will need to reckon with more and more as time goes by. It goes without saying that possessing a gadget if of help only if the owner knows the instrument inside out!!!

2. Internet Savvy-ness.

Another thing that is self evident from the discussion so far is that the media student needs to be thoroughly savvy with the internet. It will just not do for him or her to be internet shy. Therefore, for all those who are not all that active on the net now would be a good time to get started. The internet is like a jungle. So the more you allow yourself to explore the easier it will be for you to find your way around when you actually need to use it. Besides, social networking sites now-a-days are not just a place where you can get in touch with people, but also where a lot of business and work related networking takes place. So the more comfortable and knowledgeable you are regarding all this the better it will be for you, both in the long and short run.

It is not enough to be aware and knowledgeable however. For ultimately it is not about what you know and what you can do, but what you do with whatever you know! So the trick is to empower yourself not just once, and to keep doing it again and again. Also, the future will be a world ruled by information. So those who want to not just survive in it but be the winners of it must first learn and acquire the habit of gaining information and then using it to further enhance their existing skills, and then using those to further gain some more information. For the world of media belongs only to those who are not afraid of always being the learners- those who newer think they know enough. So go out, dear media student! Explore the world full of information and technology, and don’t forget to have lot of fun while you’re at it.

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