Kites – Music Review

Posted on 09 April 2010 by BMMBoxer

Rating : 3/5

The Roshan family comes together after a break of three years. Kites is the most anticipated movie of 2010 and the music of the film too was expected to be extraordinary. Especially, as the news of Hrithik Roshan lending his voice started making the rounds, the expectations increased by leap and bounds. With the unique music release, the Roshans came up with launching the tracks on the radio stations; Kites intrigued the auditory senses of the audience big time.

The Album, composed by Rajesh Roshan opens with the track, ‘Zindagi Do Pal ki’. This stands out as the most appealing and romantic number with sheer soul stirring lyrics. Sung by K.K, this song is a musical delight with a typical Rajesh Roshan feel attached.
After ‘Zindagi Do Pal Ki’ comes another love song, ‘Dil Kyun Yeh Mera’ which is quintessentially K.K. The lyrics has a lot of poetic feel and it is going to stay in our minds for a very very long time. The touch of rock which comes as the song progresses gifts the track an upbeat feel.

Follows the soft romantic number is the soft rock number, ‘Tum Bhi Ho Wohi’ crooned fantastically by Vishal Dadlani, who is later joined by Suraj Jagan. This one is a powerful and at the same time a very energetic number to lift your spirits at any given point in time. Guitar as the backbone of instrumentation for this track, the tune at the beginning stays throughout the song and the hangover of this tune promises to stay with you all day long.

After the first three tracks, emerges the USP of the album, ‘Kites in the Sky’. The song that has been in the limelight ever since it has been recorded by Hrithik Roshan, all the eager ears have been waiting to listen this one. The song begins with a very western feel and maintains it throughout as Suzanne D’mello elegantly sings the Spanish part of the lyrics and is then joined by the Star himself. Nevertheless, Hrithik makes his mark with just the two lines that he lends his voice for. This song will definitely make a mark in the urban section of the audience. With the minimal usage of instruments, this out and out romantic ballad will make its way straight to your hearts.

There is a sudden change in the romantic feel of the album as the next song, ‘Fire’ comes in. It is truly unique in every sense. Neither does it have any carefully penned down lyrics nor any romantic feel and yet it is one of the catchy numbers of the album. It’s more of an instrumental number with a very short vocal part. One can expect Hrithik to dance away to glory in this typical dance floor number. It is sure to make it to every single pubs across the country. Anirudh Bhola, Anushka Manchanda, Rajesh Roshan and Vishal Dadlani help excellently with the vocals to make this song an instant raving hit.

Definitely the album has not lived upto the enormous expectations but indeed has a strong international appeal and is sure to attract the urban audience and specially the youth. The album is here to stay for a long time in our hearts and paves the way for the film’s success.

Arundhati Chatterjee -

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