Downtime – What I Do Offline To Recharge

Posted on 10 January 2011 by Averee Burman

For media students, the online virtual world is the one of reality per se. it is that world from where they educate themselves and learn to spread their wings to fly.

The online world is full of dynamic facts and figures- of all shapes, sizes and forms- that ignite the mind and make the media students put their thinking caps on.

But is the online world enough?

The flip side of the story is that the online world which is so enriched with all the information in the world, can however, stunt growth. In one way, it can prevent the mind to knowing on its own- through practical channels of application of thoughts and acts.

This is a serious human error therefore- to limit one’s empowerment of knowledge to the virtual online world.

In the offline periods therefore, one can do multiple things. One can learn how to play the guitar. It might be helpful if one wants to get into jingle making or become a music director. Or even for that matter be in a bar- band. The bottom-line remains that one can definitely learn an instrument in the offline time because music not only soothes the mind- but also channelizes the brain waves along the right neural paths.

Apart from this, one can easily follow the adage of health is wealth. One can really spend his or her time exercising- simple running, playing  or yoga. In all this both the mind and body are benefited.

One can simply write. Sit down with the laptop or a pen and paper and write out anything under the sun. for media students, writing and therefore the power of expression is a weapon indeed. Writing frees the mind and empowers the soul to take flight into boundaries hitherto unchased.

Painting or sketching can be another option. It is a release of senses, and people who have a knack for them, should pursue their passion in full swing.

Read. Read anything under the sun. Newspapers, bill boards, hoardings, pamphlets, packaging covers along with books etc should be considered precious sources of knowledge of any form.

Gardening or cooking or even  getting involved in creating something which can be called one’s own is a very inspiring act indeed. It gives the right motivation and the aspirational values to the mind- to free itself of the pessimism “of the human bondage.”

In fact, even gossiping with friends can work wonders for the person’s life in a day. Laughing, joking about and even playing can unshackle the  mind from the blueprints of horror scripted assignments and relax the tired red eyes from the lack luster computer screens.

Walk the talk philosophy can even serve as bountiful of knowledge building blocks in ones life,  if obviously pursued with the right spirit of the intellect.

Sometimes, you may be walking down the road and suddenly when you spot something, you would want to capture the beauty of the moment forever. Photography thus is a beautiful passion to be followed. It does not matter if you have the most expensive DSLR or a simple VGA camera in your cell phone, as long as you are able to capture what you see.

Many a times, you may have a lot of children in your own house or neighbourhood. Offline times can be easily used to play with the innocent kids. This will not only serve to bring up the child in you, but also make you feel lighter and be able to think clearly about anything that might be bothering you- especially assignments.

One can admire the beauty of the nature. We seldom do so. So cooped are we in our gloomy rooms with the blues of the music and the screen predominating.

One can happily take a solitary walk and smell the fresh air. To be honest, the polluted air everywhere, contaminates the purity of senses. And as Wordsworth said, “Poetry is  emotions recollected in tranquility…”

Offline times- periodically used- should be times of rejuvenation, recharging, and refreshing. It is the time to reconnect with oneself and let go of emotions suppressed. To know more. To aspire higher. And raise the bar.

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