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A tribute to the greatest club in the world….Manchester United

Posted on 08 April 2010 by BMMBoxer

That night in 1999 I shall always remember,
Of a sacred fraternity I became a member.
A team trailing for the entire match,
was resilient enough for a victory to snatch!
Ole & Teddy scored in injury time,
And a man called SAF was in his prime.
These names that day I did not know,
What mattered was, Man united had won at Camp Nou.
It was love at first sight, of that I was sure,
A Red Devil I was form that moment I assure.

A club that was killed, a plane crash to blame,
Emerged much stronger, if not the same.
Today clubs there r many, 1 richer than the other.
At United, we count trophies, abut money no1 bothers!
Of the Cantona, Becks, RVN, Ronaldo…people always talk,
They all were made in United, under the guidance of a Scot!
Loyalty is something that’s alien to footballers,
Giggs, Schloes, Neville are examples to all others.
For united they live, for united they die,
When I say, “All football fans respect them” I dun think I lie.

The Scousers say that “Devils brag!!”,
Keep barking with your 17, our 18th will soon b in the bag.
Gunners play football, all of us would pay 2 c,
Last title in 2005…OMG, what misery!!
This season Man City, have become noisy,
They do have the money; but their game’s still lousy.
“Chelsea r b8r than united” is what they keep chanting,
All I remember is VDS making a save and N.Anelka panting!
A captain whose morality has gone down the drain,
Ballack, Drogba, Malouda…all brawns, no brains.

The transfer of CR7 was the talk of the town,
They said that the devils would b nothing without that clown.
People always talk, but united performs,
a new chant, a new legend..The name WAZA is born!!
Our neighbors came to OT…played well throughout,
A certain Michael Owen showed them the way out.
Gunners, Scousers etc- to conquer united they all tried,
Each of them in turn was properly fried.
Chelsea got the b8r of us on 2 match days,
On both occasions, the match officials were dreaming in a daze!

A jinx conquered, past Milan in2 the next round,
But then the difficulties started abound.
Too many tough matches…without enough pause,
Waza out for a month, not helping the cause.
However, united never cries unlike many others,
In such hard times, we devils always BELEIVE like brothers.
Carling Cup is already ours, two more still can be won,
but even without them, in our hearts..United is number 1!
We play for respect and not just mere dollars,
We alwz have the confidence and pride to raise our collars.

Sanchayan Bhattacharjee

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