10 Signs Of a Typical BMM student

Posted on 23 April 2010 by BMMBoxer

Every stream has their own ways and trademark styles by which it is somewhat easy for a stranger to identify them. These signs may not necessarily be the ones they flaunt in the college premises but these are those patent aspects of their character that they carry wherever they go.

So, here are some of the traits that distinguish a BMM student from the other folks around.

Upbeat To The Core:
Be it the wardrobes, the gadgets, the lingo, the creativity…BMM tops it all.

Lack Of Textbooks:
It is a rare sight to find BMM students roaming around the corridors with huge stacks of textbooks because for them, it’s how much they grasp from the world around them is what matters at the end.

• Redefining Informal Ways:
If ever you tend to find any bit of information coming across to you in some out of the box ways, you can close your eyes and proclaim that it is a BMM brainchild. Pamphlets, Handouts and Announcements are considered outdated by these folks.

Enjoy Theatres And Plays:
The students around the campus who are most likely to attend a play at the prithvi theatre will never be from the BSc IT or the BMS gang. These students will almost always be hailing from the BMM stream. These are the intellectually mischievous segment of the college.

Fests That Are Fun And Nothing Else:
Check out for yourself by attending POLARIS, Detour and CUTTING CHAI this year and you will definitely agree with me that exclusive BMM fests are indeed creatively enriching and highly entertaining experiences.

• The Word Play:

These folks are excellent when it comes to Word Play. You just cannot get enough of their arguments and all of them being fantastically logical. At the end of the argument, there are chances you might forget your own point. This is the sheer gift of the gab that a BMM student is gifted with. He will not abuse you and neither will he give up but, win in their own style.

Their Rooms Speak For Them:
You find a horribly messy room which looks smart and very interesting with loads of DVDs, Photographs, Camera, Magazines, Graffiti, Posters and several colorful tit-bits which you cannot actually make out what they really are. Yes! You might be standing in a BMM student’s room. Their life is defintiely the most colorful ones.

Involvement of The Crazy Element:
There will always be some bit of craziness involved in the thought process of these individuals. No matter where they are, what they are up to, who they are with, these guys cannot get rid of their devil mind from exploding with ideas that most of the times leave the person at the receiving end spellbound at their power of imagination.

Lappy Is My Best Friend:
Today, carrying a laptop or a net book to college is no more a rare event. But, who do these laptops mostly belong to? Ah! Without a doubt, the BMM folks top here too. On an average, everyday at least 40% of the class carries a laptop with them to add the finishing touch to their presentations.

So, in case you come across individuals with such traits in them, shoot the question at them…
“Are you a BMM student?” and you will be surprised when they will pat you too hard and flash an extraordinarily broad smile and reply, “How did you guess, mate???!!??”

– Arundhati Chatterjee

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